(Yawn) Blogger’s Choice Awards Announced

    November 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The results of the inaugural Blogger’s Choice Awards are in, and they’re kind of stupid, if I may say so from my high horse, as though the same people picked them that are dumbing down our news, entertainment programming, and well, everything else.

Blogger's Choice Awards

Ahem. Hang on, there’s some Prozac around here somewhere.

Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with CuteOverload.com. It reminds me of those stupid calendars I’d buy in the middle of the mall for my girlfriend back in high school.

But the best blog of all time? Well, perhaps when 300,000 votes are spread across 14,000 nominations. It only took Dead-Silence.org 286 votes to win the "freakiest" blogger nod.

Or maybe there are too many categories. PostSecret won honors for being both the best blog "about stuff" and the best popular culture blog – or best blog about more stuff.

Somehow Pop Culture is a different category from Best Gossip (Perez Hilton) and Best Celebrity (Rosie O’Donnell). Rosie, not to be out-hyped by IZEA, the competition’s corporate sponsor, said winning a Blogger’s Choice Award (the most coveted award in the blogosphere in its inaugural year, says IZEA CEO Ted Murphy) was "better than the Oscar."

Let’s hope so for your sake, Rosie.

Wow, this horse is tall.

But while I’m up here, from the safety of altitude, I have to say that aside from living in a world where Rosie is viewed to have anything interesting to say ever, there is some justice. Perez Hilton also won the Worst Blog of All Time award, and "most obnoxious," in a dead heat with Rosie, I’d imagine.

And I will say that it’s nice to see a fellow Kentuckian among the winners, though I’m biased toward that Appalachian sass exhibited on KentuckyGurl.com, who won for best design.

So without further snark, here’s a list of the 2007 Blogger’s Choice Awards:

·    Best Animal Blogger: cuteroverload.com
·    Best Blog About Blogging: Problogger.net
·    Best Blog About Stuff: Postsecret.blogspot.com
·    Best Blog Design: Kentuckygurl.com
·    Best Blog of All Time: cuteoverload.com
·    Best Blogging Host: Blogger.com
·    Best Business Blog: Optionaddict.Blogspot.com
·    Best Celebrity Blogger: Rosie.com
·    Best Charity Blog: Heroesforchildren.Blogspot.com
·    Best Corporate Blog: Blog.Dreamhost.com
·    Best Education Blog: Internetsafetyadvisor.info
·    Best Entertainment Blog: Officetally.com
·    Best Food Blog: Veganyumyum.com
·    Foreign Language Blog. Sedentario.org
·    Best Geek Blog: Lifehacker.com
·    Best Gossip Blog: Perezhilton.com
·    Best Health Blog: Scienceroll.com
·    Best Hobby Blog: Yarnharlot.ca/blog
·    Best Humor Blog: Thesneeze.com
·    Best Marketing Blog: Copyblogger.com
·    Best Parenting Blog: Thecowgoddess.com
·    Best Photography Blog: Thepioneerwoman.com
·    Best Podcast: Keithandthegirl.com
·    Best Political Blog: Feministing.com
·    Best Pop Culture Blog: Postsecret.Blogspot.com
·    Best Religion Blog: Standfirminfaith.com
·    Best Shopping Blog: Purseblog.com
·    Best Sports Blog: Mvn.com/nfl-giants
·    Best Travel Blog: Hostelbuenosaires.Blogspot.com
·    Best Video Blogger: Brotherhood2.com
·    Freakiest Blogger: Dead-silence.org
·    Hottest Daddy Blogger: Neilgaiman.com
·    Hottest Mommy Blogger: Dooce.com
·    Most Obnoxious Blogger: Perezhilton.com
·    Most Passionate Fan Base: Blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com
·    The “Blogitzer”: Dooce.com
·    Worst Blog of All Time: Perezhilton.com