Yahooligan Discusses Blog Comment Spam

    December 2, 2004

The Yahoo blog is getting more interesting. A post today features a lengthy interview (for a blog) with Tim Converse, an engineering manager in Yahoo!’s Content group.

The interview with Tim touches on a variety of subjects, but I found his view on spam interesting … specifically blog content spam:

“Take weblog comment spam, for example. Two things will have to happen for comment spam attempts to decrease; one is that spamming will have to not work for search engines and the second is that comment spammers will have to realize it. (laughs). There could be a long lag there where, even if every search engine totally nailed them, spammers could still operate under the belief that it worked. What we can do from the search engine point of view is make spam not help.”

For a programmer type, that’s thinking very big picture. It is also telling to me that Yahoo engineers are focused on blog comment spam. I can’t wait for part 2 of the interview next week.

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