Yahoo Shutting Down Paid Inclusion

Says Advertisers Will Get More Control

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Yahoo is discontinuing its paid inclusion service, Search Submit. This was revealed at the iProspect/Range Online Media Client Summit on a panel moderated by Danny Sullivan. Sullivan’s Search Engine Land received the following statement from Yahoo:

We are committing our resources and efforts to our core areas of focus, including improving the search experience and relevancy of our ads to increase user engagement and ROI for advertisers, and as a result, have decided to exit Search Submit. We have stepped up innovation in Search Marketing, recently rolling out search retargeting, Rich Ads in Search and improved matching technology, and in Consumer Search, with enhancements like the new search results page. These enhancements deliver value, control, innovation and relevance to our advertisers, leading to increased ROI.

Yahoo! will exit Search Submit at the end of 2009. Yahoo! is providing those advertisers affected by the decision a sufficient lead time to assist in the transition. In addition, Yahoo! has recently announced a series of important enhancements to its Search advertising business and will work closely with many Search Submit advertisers to provide them with search solutions that will benefit their businesses.

Yahoo told WebProNews at the recent Search Marketing Expo that the company is giving its advertisers more control. In the following interview, Yahoo Director of Product Management David Miller told us that the forthcoming Yahoo/Microsoft deal will open up more innovation for advertisers. He also talks about some things Yahoo currently has going on and will in the near future with regards to giving advertisers greater control.

Miller said that early next year, Yahoo will be launching "network distribution," and advertisers will have the ability to separately bid on campaigns for Yahoo, the partner network, or both. He also discussed a tool (which is currently in beta) that lets advertisers control their accounts while offline.

Yahoo Shutting Down Paid Inclusion
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  • http://www.tomchuong.com Tom Chuong

    It was only a matter of time before Yahoo drop this archaic method of generating traffic, or backlinks. Yahoo should have followed Google’s strategy when they initially introduced AdWords. Instead of allowing paid inclusion to taint their search results, Yahoo should have focused on producing relevant results. Following this strategy would have allowed Yahoo to maintain it’s popularity, and gain more market share. Hopefully, their partnership with Microsoft will yield some more innovation in the coming years.

  • http://www.MyOwnStimulusPlan.webs.com Jesse

    What happens to us, little guys, who can’t get ahead because of our budgets. If it gets better for us, it’s sure to get even better for the “Giants”. With the economy the way it is, thousands, if not MILLIONS of people out there are looking for a piece of the internet pie. We don’t need to make $10,000 a month or for some, even $5,000 per month. A cool $2,000 per month profit would free-up hundred of thousands of lost souls who don’t have anything to put up for any type of decent advertising. Giving the advertisers more control, is not only control for them but let’s them (Giants), control all of us, to look for work at McDonalds, us, thinking this internet thing really doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for a while with my little websites www.MyOwnStimulusPlan.webs.com and other affiliates I’ve signed-up for, taken their advise, get hundreds of unique vistors, thousands page views and I’ve made .25 (which I can’t collect, because of min. payouts). With the brilliant minds working at Yahoo, Google, etc. I’m sure if they put their heads together they could come up with a solution, for the little guys.
    Gotta go, it’s Sunday. I’m 49 years old, I’ll have to see if Taco Bell is hiring? I’ll probably get a discount on food?

    Jesse at: Coyotemaker@aol.com

  • http://agreatchef.com/blog Chef Rob

    Finally! Yahoo should have bailed this long ago. Got the advertising budget, then you can spam Yahoo’s engine. Hopefully the minds at Y see the opportunity (with Redmond) to create a functioning and relevant search engine. Can’t wait to see the results and a cleaned up Yahoo search.

  • http://www.healthinsuredirect.com Guest

    what about search submit pro? is that going away also.

    • http://texxsmith.com Texxs

      Thsi is the big news really, screw PPC. Especially Yahoo’s which has even more click fraud than Google’s (percentage wise).

      Is the directory going to be shut down?
      If not are they going to change the rules so that commercial site can be included without paymebnt now, or will they just be exclided?

      Is this a scheme to relaunch in a couple months with a different name and higher fees?

  • http://www.moneyrehab.com Kevin Griffin

    I agree that it is time to get rid of the expensive system where who pays more gets listed. We at http://www.moneyrehab.com find it extremely hard to keep up with the big guys with big budgets. Search engines should be affordable so that access to the internet is not monopolized.

  • http://www.zub-online.com Zub Hudsson

    Overall good news. But as others I am abit worried about the future for us “small”.

  • john

    sounds like they are simply mimicking google adwords. Is there anything mentioned here that adwords is not already doing? Must be nice to sit back and just copy adwords. No R&D expense needed. BUt good to hear that they are at least attempting to catch up.

  • http://bay-areawebdesign.com/ Bay Area Web Design

    Unless there’s a hidden intent behind this change, we’re glad for the news. :)

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