Yahoo Shuts Down One of Three Bookmarking Services

    February 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

Fans of Yahoo MyWeb might be disappointed to know that the service is shutting down. A trip to the site will welcome users with the following message:

We are streamlining our bookmark services. As part of this effort Yahoo! will be shutting down MyWeb on March 18, 2009 and moving users to Yahoo! Bookmarks. Your MyWeb bookmarks are already available to you on Yahoo! Bookmarks. You can begin using this new service now or continue using MyWeb until the shutdown date.

Yahoo My Web

Yahoo made the announcement a few days ago along with three options for moving your bookmarks to other locations. Obviously, one is through Yahoo Bookmarks as mentioned above. Your bookmarks are already available there.

You can also use Delicious, the popular Yahoo-owned social bookmarking site. You can move your bookmarks there via a simple three-step process:

1. Export your bookmarks
2.Register for a Delicious Account
3. Upload the XML file using the "manual import" option.

Or, you can simply export your bookmarks using Yahoo’s export tools, which will provide an archive of them that is easily readable by third-party services and browsers.

Some people think the move to shut down MyWeb makes perfect sense since Yahoo already has two more bookmarking services. Still, others prefer MyWeb, and will be disappointed to see it go. The service never left beta.