Yahoo Publisher Network Experiences Problems

    July 18, 2007

The Yahoo Publisher Network is having problems, and in an online world where things often resolve themselves in a matter of minutes, Yahoo has said, “We are actively addressing the issue and expect improvements by next week.”  Hey, Sunday morning’s only 80 or so hours away!

Barry Schwartz has been on top of this story since it began over the weekend, so we’ll turn to him for the details.  “This has not only caused sites to load slowly due to the ads lagging some page loads,” he notes, “but it has also caused publisher’s earnings to drop over the past few days.”

And the natives are getting restless at the Digital Point Forum.  One thread’s titled, “I finally called it Quits for YPN.”  Another says, “YPn Earnings worst day ever.”  A third – and far from the last – thread is called, “checked few of my sites, I don’t see any YPN ads at all.”  Together, those three conversations have received over 1,800 views.

It’s likely that a “Network Update” provided by Yahoo has received even more – this is where the “by next week” line comes in.  As reported by Schwartz, it stated, “You may have noticed a decrease in impressions in your Yahoo! Publisher Network account recently.  This is due to a partial outage that occurred during routine maintenance. . . .  Thanks for your patience.”

Well, it took me about 45 minutes to research and write this story.  Just 79 hours until “next week” . . .