Yahoo, Microsoft Cut Email Services In Iran

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Yahoo and Microsoft have taken Iran off the country lists of their email services as the U.S. has imposed tougher sanctions on the Islamic country.

Yahoo, Microsoft Cut Email Services In Iran
Yahoo, Microsoft Cut Email Services In Iran

Google has not followed suit and is keeping Iran on the Gmail registration page.

The move by Yahoo and Microsoft comes after the U.S. administration has increased economic pressure on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government, which began about two weeks ago.

"Yahoo! continually reviews its business operations to ensure compliance with these restrictions. Consistent with this policy, we cannot accept registrations from countries subject to these restrictions," A Yahoo spokeswoman told the Register.

"So essentially, you can’t choose Iran as a country option because we are restricted from conducting business there – all US companies must comply with this policy." She was not able to say when Yahoo began applying the rules.

Microsoft said it could not comment on the subject.

Google says the sanctions do not prohibit it from keeping Iran on its Gmail country list. The company said, "Google is committed to full compliance with US export controls and sanctions programs and is confident in our compliance with those controls and programs."

The Iranian government plays a large role in censoring what its citizens can access online. The OpenNet Initiative, a partnership of Harvard, Toronto, Oxford and Cambridge universities says Iran has installed, "one of the most extensive technical filtering systems in the world."

Yahoo, Microsoft Cut Email Services In Iran
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  • Mahan Abbasi, Esq.

    Initially, let me be clear. I stand against the repressive regime in Iran and am waiting for the day it falls. However, this action by Yahoo and Microsoft is a purely political act by some on the board jumping on Iran bashing train. What act of the US bans the people of Iran access to an email?

    This is not only a shameful political act it is a blow to the democratic movement in Iran. We should want to promote democracy in Iran by exchanging information not by silencing the voices out of Iran to appease AIPAC or some special interest group in Washington!

    • bi

      I agree with this comment. Yahoo and Microsoft have made a political decision penalizing Iranian democratic movement. This only means: the restriction of information in Iran. Such a result is very well coming according the Iranian government and extremists in this country. We want that Yahoo and Microsoft change their decision immediately and represent their apology to the Iranian people.

      Thanks for all that you’ve already done for the information spread over the world

  • Ladan

    Yahoo is going political! Pressing on Iranian people who are already under pressure from a tyrant government, and the United State who punishes people of Iran in the name of their governement. Internet is supposed to be a place of communication, open mindedness and freedom that is hardly found in media and politics. Yahoo wants to play politics! How come gmail offer emails. No excuses Yahoo.
    Totally disappointed in Yahoo, and no longer a Yahoo fan, suddenly a gmail fan.

  • Khan

    If you can not Make Iran to Stop thire Neculear Program, stopting yahoo or Microsoft is really really shamefull…



    For the Administrator of Yahoo and Hotmail, that you People should not Stop working in Iran or some other places, Please , It’s a request

  • IA

    This is it. I am taking my business aways from yahoo. Yahoo has no business banning Iranians to access their emails. It is very dangerous practice and is against freedom of speech.

  • Guest

    Sure, they removed the countries off the list but couldn’t they just easily use a different Country instead lol? I’m sure with their internet filtered up the ass the last thing they have to worry about is whether or not Yahoo or Hotmail care what country they’re from. 

    • Tapesh2012

      this will sanction iranian people and not iranian government. no good idea!


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