Yahoo Eats Up Attention From The Onion

    August 31, 2007

It could be an act of misdirection – “here, watch the funny man while we fire you one by one!” – but things nonetheless took a lighthearted turn at Yahoo when Peter Koechley, Managing Editor of The Onion, came to visit.

If you don’t know what The Onion is, tough shallots – I’m prepared to move on without you.  And so, apparently, is the fine company is question.

“I was surprised to learn that they’re read in 752 countries, have news bureaus in 412 countries, are broadcast on 14,800 radio stations, offer a 24-hour news network, have a multinational intelligence agency, own 95% of all grocery store circulars, are the proprietors of an upscale haberdashery, offer mercenary embedded journalists for hire, and employ newsboys from an orphanage, which they also run,” wrote Yahoo’s Nicki Dugan on the Yodel Anecdotal blog.

For that matter, The Onion may also have an influence at Yahoo; this would explain why Koechley wound up in Sunnyvale instead of the famed Googleplex.  It would also account for a few recent moves on Yahoo’s part; I remain confused by one exec’s decision to combine Canada with Europe (strategically speaking), and a Yodel Anecdotal post about a cricket victory seemed rather out of place.

Ah, well, anything for a laugh, and from the sound of it, Koechley got a lot of them during his stay at Yahoo’s headquarters.