Yahoo Doesn’t Seem Worried About Gmail

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GmailGmail is growing rapidly. Yahoo has long dominated the race against Microsoft’s Hotmail and Google’s Gmail, but Gmail is on pace to overthrow the other two. I got in touch with Yahoo Mail’s VP John Kremer to try and find out some expectations Yahoo has for Yahoo Mail.

I asked how much growth Yahoo expected out of Yahoo Mail over the next couple years. Kremer gave a somewhat vague answer, "As we execute on our vision of opening up Yahoo! Mail and creating a Smarter Inbox, we absolutely expect to continue to grow and attract millions of new users every year."

He cites comScore numbers showing that Yahoo Mail is the most popular provider in the US and added more users last year than any other webmail service. Thomas Claburn with InformationWeek has also been studying comScore’s numbers. He notes that Gmail is on pace to surpass Microsoft’s Hotmail by the end of the year. But he also says, "Yahoo, with 91.9 million unique monthly visitors in December 2008 and about 11% growth last year, has reason to worry, too. If Gmail continues growing as it has been, it could become the leading free e-mail provider by the end of 2011 or thereabout."

Yahoo Mail As Google has been rapidly introducing new features for Gmail, I asked Kremer if Yahoo was increasing the frequency of introducing its own new features.

John Kremer "We’ve been the most popular Webmail service in the US and a worldwide leader for years, and we will continue to lead from the front of the pack – not by looking in the rearview mirror," says Kremer. "We’re always exploring ways to improve Webmail, and provide deeper engagement through a more social, relevant and useful Yahoo! Mail experience. In the coming months, we will infuse Yahoo! Mail with even more open and social technology as we execute on our vision of creating a Smarter Inbox.

I asked Kremer what makes Yahoo Mail the most attractive service in the email space. He gave the reasons of security, unlimited storage, and ongoing innovation. Is that enough to keep Yahoo at the top? If Yahoo is worried about Google catching it in the email business, they’re not letting on that they are.

Yahoo Doesn’t Seem Worried About Gmail
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  • Guest

    i like aol mail, i also have hotmail, yahoo mail i dont use at all….
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  • Stuart

    I have been using Yahoo mail for years. Aside from the “All New Mail”, Yahoo has been very slow to innovate (and even that was an acquisition, not an “innovation”). Several features, filters for example, have been under “constuction mode” for about 2 years. GMAIL is by far superior and will rightfully eat Yahoo’s lunch.

    For Kremer to claim that “security, unlimited storage, and ongoing innovation” make Yahoo Mail “the most attractive service in the email space” is frankly a joke. GMail is more secure than Yahoo (e.g. can enable SSL for all sessions, not just login), GMAIL was the first to offer “unlimited” storage, and GMAIL has been the innovator hands down. Yahoo does not even offer free IMAP or POP. Its fliters and forwarding suck.

    So, Yahoo wake up and smell the coffee. You have been sitting on your fat ass for too long!!!!!! Get moving, or else…..

    • jayasurian

      huh.. Google is secure than yahoo mail? I dont think so. See gmail had some issue long back around 400 account mail got deleted. I never seen yahoo having some problem like that.

      Gmail security sucks. There are many security flaw in Gmail. For exmaple check this links out.
      security-flaw-proof-of-concept/”>http://geekcondition.com/2008/11/23/gmail-security-flaw-proof-of-concept Google is also accepted that.

      http://www.gnucitizen.org/blog/google-gmail-e-mail-hijack-technique/ What about this? There are so many issues with Gmail.

      Gmail may be faster but not secure. You can see how they parse our inbox to show Ads. Yahoo never does that. If you want your gal friends mails not to be scanned by Gmail Use Ymail :-)

    • http://www.roomfurniturechina.com wholesale bedroom furniture

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that SPAM comes from forwarded messages. Once a message is “forwarded”, it becomes public domain. Just go to any search engine and type in “FW”. You will be surprised at how many e-mail addresses a SPAMMER can collect using this method. You may even see your own!

  • http://meusitenaprimeirapaginadogoogle.gehspace.com Alexis Kauffmann Otimiza

    I have been using GMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL Mail accounts for about 1 year and I am sure why everyone else is losing the race to Google. It’s more flexible, resourceful and reliable than any competitor. As such, I use it to archive and backup every important message that received through my corporate mail accounts. Yahoo must act aggressively to protect their share or they will lose yet another market to Google.

  • http://theypi.net love peace life

    Yahoo! mail is working hard to innovate and included many cool APIs and allowing developers to make more!

  • I don’t work at Yahoo or Google

    You should look at comScore global UV numbers for Yahoo! Mail and Gmail over the last year. They appear to be growing at the same rate. These companies compete globally, not just in Silicon Valley.

  • http://randomplaza.com/help.anonymous.php Brave Agent Pubeit

    Well most of the free email services are designed to be bad. Yahoo and Gmail are one of the few ones that are decent. Yahoo is only good when using its classic interface as the new interface sucks and same for Gmail, the lower bandwidth interface is better there again.

    fastmail.fm is potentially good but if you ever have the same password as another user, your account is suddenly banned without warning. Yahoo will sometimes randomly jack up an account for no reason after 3 days since it was made even when the account is unused. Gmail never does this, though sometimes I found it once banned all of the Pacific Time Zone from sending mail, even to mail google.

    Gmail is good for not revealing your IP to everyone, but their CAPTCHA is so human-unreadable the only way for a human to sign up is to buy expensive software to read the CAPTCHAs.

    The main advantage Yahoo Mail has over Gmail is that Yahoo actually has staff that will answer you. Gmail has no place to answer you at all and Gmail often runs into technical issues and Gmail will just not listen. In around 2000, yahoo used to be like that and you’d have to call their corporate offices and beg someone for help.

    I also like how Yahoo sorts mail better than Gmail

    • Guest

      Gmail CAPTCHA is difficult, but “buy expensive software” is a bit of an extreme. Google does have quite a massive support system set up as well. I understand where you come from in the sorting field, but I personally love the idea of labels instead of folders.

  • http://thewirds.com/ Y. Steven

    Yahoo doesn’t seems to worried because they have backup plans which has just announced yesterday that they have been improving their one search status with three new features.

    A big company such as Yahoo will not act stupid and let their competitor win the war. They know what the are doing

  • Ritu

    I have used Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail….Gmail is undoubtedly the best. once I started using Gmail, I did not look back. Have not accessed Yahoo and Hotmail for a long time now.

  • http://www.bellajewelz.com Bella

    I have two yahoo accounts and one Google account and I prefer the Google one. I get very little spam in my Inbox. They Yahoo filter system is not as good. I also use a Mac and I have had issues accessing my Yahoo mail from my Mac, but it works fine on my PC. I didn’t get very good help from Yahoo Support about it either.

  • Guest

    Gmail is by far the most superior email service – paid or free.

    The collaborations and syneregy within its own services (email, calendar, contacts, youtube, etc. just to name a few) is a model that many other companies try to copy. Furthermore, Gmail integrates extremely well on mobile devices – especially BlackBerry’s :-)

    So not only can you add a contact and calendar update to your mobile device you can then back-up that new information to your Gmail account. Which of course is already pushed to your mobile device. So when someone sends you an email with an address you can just simply copy (using your mobile, of course) and paste it into the Google Maps application (you do have that, right?) and you’re on your way.

    Please tell me of any other provider than can offer this type and level of integration with other devices and services – FREE!

    Google is the $h!t.

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