Yahoo A Go for Windows Mobile

    August 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Users of mobile handsets running the Windows Mobile operating system can now download Yahoo! Go for Mobile to remotely access Yahoo services.

Millions of smartphone users can begin using Yahoo! Go for Mobile applications like Mail and Search wherever they can find a connection. Yahoo announced today that most of the services available previously to mobile users are now offered for the Windows Mobile platform.

In addition to Mail and Search, Yahoo! Go for Mobile users can automatically upload pictures to a Yahoo Photos account. They can manage contacts and events through the Yahoo Address Book and Calendar from the mobile device.

Yahoo also makes its content services, like news, sports, and finance, part of the Go for Mobile experience. However, Yahoo Messenger is not available for Windows Mobile devices.

The company launched Yahoo Go earlier in 2006, for the mobile, PC, and televisions connected to computers.

Mobile devices have tremendous appeal for major Internet players like Yahoo. Since millions of people around the world carry and use mobiles on a daily basis, any initiative that can increase brand awareness for a company and keep people from using competitors like Google or Microsoft.

Although advertising represents the way to make revenue from this kind of service, TheStreet senior writer Jonathan Berr cited some hesitancy on Yahoo’s part regarding their entry into pay-per-call ads, which look like a focal point for Google and eBay and their advertising deal:

“As part of this ongoing testing, we are currently evaluating the advertising opportunity that pay-per-call presents,” Dina Freeman, a Yahoo! spokeswoman, wrote Tuesday in an email. “Once our tests are complete, we will use the data to determine whether it makes sense to offer a pay-per-call service to our advertisers.”

She declined to be more specific. Yahoo!’s stance highlights uncertainties surrounding the level of demand for these types of ads.


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