WWDC 2012: Moscone West Gets A Makeover

By: Shaylin Clark - June 6, 2012

WWDC 2012 starts in just five days. In preparation for the event, which kicks off Monday morning in San Francisco, the conference’s venue, Moscone West, is getting itself all prettied up. According to images that are being published all around the internet this morning, banners are going up inside Moscone West.

The tagline for this year’s conference is “Where great ideas go on to do great thigns.” There appears to be at least one long banner inside the Moscone West lobby. Check out some of the images below:

WWDC 2012 Moscone West Banner

WWDC 2012 Moscone West Banner

WWDC 2012 Moscone West Banner

WWDC 2012 Moscone West Banner

WWDC 2012 Moscone West Banner

Interestingly, the banner appears to answer some of speculation about what might be hiding in the WWDC logo. Shortly after Apple announced the dates for this year’s conference, people started picking apart the logo looking for clues as to what Apple might announce this year. A number of people claimed they could see a 5 in the logo. That, of course, must mean that Apple would announce the iPhone 5, right? Well, probably not. Check the logo out for yourself:

WWDC 2012 Logo

While some people see a big 5 in the middle, I maintain that it looks more like an 8. Or maybe a 2. At any rate, I speculated back in April that the little squares in the logo were meant to represent iOS app icons. The shape matches exactly and this is, after all, an event focused on software development. Based on the banner Apple’s hanging up in Moscone West, it looks like they are, in fact, app icons. If you look at the banner images – particularly the last one – you can see the transition from the colored squares of the WWDC logo to the icons for various iOS apps. So alas, no new iPhone at this year’s WWDC.

So what is coming at this year’s WWDC? Well, if the rumors are true, then we can expect to learn some pretty awesome things about iOS 6, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and updates to the Mac lineup.

[Hat tip: 9to5Mac, The Mac Observer]
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