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OpenAI: AI Content Detectors Don’t Work

OpenAI has thrown cold water on those hoping for an easy way to detect AI-generated content, saying such tools don’t work.

Amazon Brings One Medical to Prime Members For $9 a Month

Amazon continues its foray into the health services market, making One Medical services available to Prime members for $9 per month.

Microsoft Briefly Blocked Employees From Using ChatGPT

Microsoft created a stir when it blocked its own employees from using ChatGPT, citing privacy and security concerns.

Congress Wants to Help Rural Telecoms Replace Chinese Equipment

A bipartisan bill in the US House of Representatives would provide money for rural telecoms to replace equipment made by Chinese companies.

T-Mobile Abandons Plan to Force Customers to Upgrade Their Plans

T-Mobile has officially abandoned plans to force customers to upgrade to more expensive plans following predictable blowback.

Maine Government Data Breach Impacts 1.3 Million

The State of Maine has disclosed it suffered a MOVEit data breach, one that has impacted some 1.3 million individuals.

Harnessing the Power of User-Generated Content for Brand Advocacy

Learn more about how to harness the power of user generated content for brand advocacy in the article below.

YouTube’s War On Ad Blockers Challenged By Privacy Advocate

YouTube’s war on ad blockers is facing a legal challenge in the EU over Google’s use of JavaScript to determine when an ad blocker is in use.

Elon Musk: ‘Overwhelming Consensus’ On AI Regulation

Elon Musk has offered details on a meeting between tech leaders and lawmakers, saying there was “overwhelming consensus” in favor of AI regulation.

Cisco Kills Off Its Hyperflex Hyperconverged Infrastructure Line

Cisco has killed off its Hyperflex hyperconverged infrastructure line of products, blaming a changing market.

Amazon Sellers Can Now Use Generative AI to Create Product Descriptions

Amazon continues to invest in generative AI, applying it to the task of creating product descriptions for sellers.

Pop!_OS Cosmic Desktop Slated for 2024 Release

System76 has shared details on its upcoming Cosmic Desktop Environment (DE), saying it will be released in 2024.

9 Qualities to Look for In a Cloud-Based Accounting Software

What qualities should you look for in a cloud-based accounting software? Learn more in the narrative below.

Driving Innovation: How A1 Auto Transport is Revolutionizing the Auto Shipping Industry with Cutting-Edge Technology

Be sure to learn more about how there is a driving innovation in autos transport in the narrative article below.

How Charge Capture Software Enhances Efficiency Across Various Healthcare Departments

Learn more about how charge capture software enhances efficiency across various healthcare departments below.

Investment Strategies and Fractional CFOs: A Synergy for Startup Success

What is the relationship between the investment strategies and fractional CFOs? Learn more in the article below.

Andreessen Horowitz Wants to Manage the Finances of Startups It Invests In

VC firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) may be looking to more aggressively protect its investments by managing the finances of startups it invests in.

From Soundwaves to Text: The Unsung Power of Transcriptions and Subtitles

When it comes to getting your message across, there is a tremendous power of transcriptions and subtitles. See more below

7 Key Software Trends Shaping the Future of Technology

See the article below for 7 key software trends shaping the future of technology to help your business get to the next level.

FCC Tightens Data Breach Reporting Rules For Telcos

The Federal Communications Commission has tightened its rules for telcos, giving them a maximum of seven business days to disclose a breach of consumer data.

Liz Coddington, Former AWS VP of Finance, Joins Peloton As CFO

Peloton has scored a major win in its recruiting efforts, hiring Liz Coddington to be the company’s new CFO.

Luxury Online Retailer Farfetch Focusing on Technology to Improve the Consumer Experience

Luxury online retailer Farfetch, where prices start at around a thousand dollars, had a breakout IPO on Thursday raising $885 million while setting a valuation of $6.2 billion on the company.

Accelerating startup success: the role of MVP in agile software Development

Software development is fast. Take a look at the role of MVP in agile software Development in the following narrative below.

Emerging Technology Trends That’s Reshaping The Restaurant Industry

What are the upcoming technology trends in the restaurant industry? Learn more about it in the article below.

Why Outsource Software Product Development?

What are the benefits of your business deciding to outsource software product development? Learn some tips below.

US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most

Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home.

Microsoft Is Killing Azure IoT Central

Microsoft surprised developers with news that it will kill of its Azure IoT Central, beginning in April 2024.

JetBrains Announces RustOver, a Dedicated IDE for Rust Devs

JetBrains, makers of the popular IntelliJ IDE, have announced RustOver, a new IDE aimed specifically at Rust development.

Mozilla Lays Off ‘Approximately 60’ Employees

Mozilla has engaged in a round of layoffs, letting “approximately 60” of its employees go, representing roughly 5% of its staff.

Exploring the Latest Trends in Custom Software Development

It is time for exploring trends in custom software development. Learn more about what is best for you in the article below.

‘Actual’ Personal Finance App Goes Open-Source, Highlights Developer Challenges

Actual developer James Long has announced his Actual personal finance app will be going open-source, citing the difficulties in making a success of a being an independent developer.

Avoid These Common Web Development Mistakes In These Niches

Learn more about how to avoid web development mistakes when it comes to several niches in industry in the article below.

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