Working on Blog Stickiness

    May 31, 2007

Still working on getting your blog readers to stick around? If you’re on WordPress, you’re in luck. Technosailor’s Aaron Brazell has compiled a list of plugins designed to help improve your blog’s stickiness. What do these plugins do?

  • Greet visitors from search engines with a list of relevant posts.
  • Enable visitors to subscribe to comments.
  • Display your most popular posts.
  • Easily interlink series of posts.

ProBlogger led me to the post, and there are even more useful plugins mentioned in the ProBlogger comments, including ones that enable you to:

Why am I so obsessed with blog stickiness? Because for many bloggers, that’s one of our only goals–a low bounce rate. Also, other important blogging goals can be related to this, such as subscriptions and possibly affiliate or direct sales.

How have you improved your stickiness?