Wis.dm Wins $5 Million In Funding

    August 28, 2007

I considered opening this article with a yes or no question, but the idea didn’t appeal to me all that much.  Still, if you’d like to pose – or answer – such questions, North Bridge Venture Partners just contributed somewhat less than $5 million to a site that’ll allow you the opportunity: Wis.dm.

Wis.dm just received $5 million in a round of funding that was “led” by North Bridge, you see, and that phrasing allows for a wide range of possibilities.  Wis.dm’s site is much more straightforward, though – there are endless lists of questions that can be answered with either a “yes” or a “no.”  People wishing to leave behind any additional information can make a comment.

Although I’m sure you’ve got the concept, here’s a sample question: “Can you list every book you’ve ever read?”  96 percent of the current 276 respondents answered “no,” leaving four percent to say “yes.”

For various reasons, that four percent worries me.  Knowing about the 96 percent doesn’t benefit me, and on the whole, I’m left feeling that I lost thirty seconds of my life.  I’m also inclined to agree with an alarm:clock article that states, “[W]e find most of the questions to be random and/or dull.”

Ah, well.  Judging by the look of a “people count” graph on Frostfirebuzz.com, Wis.dm is nonetheless becoming rather popular, and a fresh $5 million isn’t likely to hurt that status.