Windows Live Answers?

    March 13, 2006

The LiveSide blog says MSN Spaces users have reported seeing two modules called “Questions Asked” and “Questions Answered”, and that they are related to a yet-to-be-announced Windows Live service.

The service, similar in some ways to Google and Yahoo Answers, would be different in one significant respect: Users would be rewarded for quality answers to questions. The reward system is unclear, but from an interview LiveSide did with Moz Hussain we can infer that users would post questions, other users would be able to answer them, and those that give good answers would be rewarded as part of a Windows-Live-wide rewards system:

as our infrastructure for being able to actually pay out to users to give them points and rewards, etcetera, starts developing – we will be able to give people more reward and credit for their contributions to the community. If they are driving traffic, if they are engaging people, if they are writing good content, if they are answering good questions in community q & a – all of these things we can actually reward those users much more effectively

An NDA prevents me from saying anything further, which I think says plenty. I was on the Community track at Search Champs, which means I would have, in theory, been shown such a service if one existed, a fact I can neither confirm nor deny.

Oh yeah. LiveSide? Subscribed.

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