What Resolution Should Your Site Look the Best On?

    September 17, 2007

The answer most web designers will give without even a hint of thought is 1024 X 768. While on the surface that may seem like logical choice since according to most website’s analytics, it’s the resolution group with the highest amount of visitors.

The problem with this answer is it doesn’t take into account who the visitors are and what their conversion rate on your site is. It’s turns out that (depending on the site) about 30-50% of your visitors at low resolutions will probably not be from the U.S., which is great if your target market is international, but not especially useful if it’s not.

I’ve also found a correlation between low conversion rates and low screen resolutions. Although 1024 X 768 may be the most numerous group, it may not be the most profitable. I would take a look or have your professional web designer / developers take a deep look at your analytics and help you figure that stuff out, it’s important. We provide analytics and analysis for our customers as we help them try to get the most of their website and target the right visitors.

Ideally I want a website to look it’s best in 1280 X 1024 and above, because those are the customers that are the most likely to convert and are the wave of the future as all resolutions are constantly increasing. It is important though, that a modern website be viewable and readable at 1024 X 768, in addition to working on mobile devices like the super hyped (and super cool) iphone.