Web Gets Kung Fu Election Game

    October 20, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

It’s probably safe to say (I think, gulp) this election season has been an especially vicious one. So, if you feel your violent urges starting to get the better of you—like one rally attendee who reportedly kicked a journalist in the leg—release that tension with a killer Mortal Kombat-style Flash animation game called “Kung Fu Election” from Atom.com.

Want to replace the foot in Joe Biden’s mouth with your own? Smacking the lipstick off Palin? If you’re saying, “You betcha!” first stop yourself from saying that ever again and give the game a try.

Technically, it’s old news among the Web-based Flash game crowds, popping up during the primaries with a more extensive cast of politicians to vicariously duke it out with—think Giuliani with crazy razor-sharp claws. Just before the vice presidential debate, the cast of warriors was narrowed to Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden on the left, of course, facing off against John and Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin. (Forgive me for missing it, but I was busy with a newborn at the time.)

Cindy McCain dons Uma Thurman’s “Kill Bill” yellow motorcycle suit, and Palin is done up in Xena, Warrior Princess garb. She wields—what else?—a bladed hockey stick and fights dirty sometimes by pulling out a rifle and firing from afar.

You can be any candidate you like—note Biden enormous sword and that big stick McCain was talking about. So if in the next two weeks you just can’t stand it, play out those fantasies online all you like, whatever keeps you from trying it in real life!

This is also smart viral promotion on Atom.com’s part, and you’ll have to sit through an ad to get to game play. It’s worth it though.

Here’s a video of some of the action.

Special side note bonus story: The “Kung Fu Election” sent to me thinking of the difficulty some native Asian-language speakers have with English l’s and r’s, which reminded me of my days as an English teacher in Japan. One day in 2004, the big news was an assassination attempt on an official in Taiwan. Incorporating that news into my lesson, I had the class learn phrases individually with the desired outcome being they could put the story together on their own. They repeated after me for a while, were drilled, and then had to perform. One student’s story went this way: “It was Erection Day. . .Medics had to appry plessure to stop the breeding.” And then class was dismissed on account of hysterical laughter on the part of the instructor.