Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers, New York Times Goes Off

    March 7, 2006

The New York Times manages to make a huge story from the fact that some bloggers apparently “cut and paste” whole sentences sent to them by Wal-Mart and other companies.

Sheesh. I see this all the time with online news media – especially executive quotes from press releases. Why is it such a big scandal that bloggers do the same?

It looks to me like this is just another opportunity to rip on bloggers. Let’s get this straight, bloggers don’t live by the rules of MSM, they are individuals expressing opinion and sharing their thoughts. We don’t need publishing guidelines, AP style or fact checkers. Everything you read on a blog should come with a caveat emptor. You take it as you find. If you can’t handle that, I hear the broad-sheets are crying out for your readership.

PS. Assume the this blog “cuts and pastes” anything it sees fit from a press release or company email – sometimes, I’m too lazy to simply re-word something for the sake of it. 😉

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