Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl Ad with YouTube

    February 1, 2009
    Chris Crum

Well, the day is finally here after two weeks of anticipation. We’ve heard non-stop chatter about the Cardinals and the Steelers since they won their respective championship games. Now the two teams will meet in the biggest game of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday is more than just American Football’s biggest day of the year though, it’s also the biggest day for new television ads. As comScore reports, about a fourth of Super Bowl viewers prefer Super Bowl ads to the game itself. Personally, I prefer the game, but its usually fun to see what ads different companies come up with, because this is when advertisers bring their A-game (or try to at least).

Jason mentioned the other day that YouTube is running the "YouTube AdBlitz" where viewers can vote for the best commercial after the game. The YouTube Team has posted this short video clip about it:

"Every year, advertisers pay millions of dollars for time during commercial breaks," says Andrew B. on the YouTube Blog. "Historically, these ads have pulled out all the stops — think celebrity cameos and extravagant production values that could awe even the Jerry Bruckheimers and Michael Bays of the world."

"Are these advertisers getting the most bang for their buck? Who’s ad will everyone be chatting about on Monday? Ultimately it will be you who decides," adds Andrew.

It will be fun to see which ad people liked best. You can vote until Wednesday, and YouTube will post the winner on its homepage on Thursday. Following that, all the ads will remain on YouTube’s Ad Blitz Channel.