Vertical Ad Network Audiences More Engaged

    April 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Research from comScore shows that vertical ad networks – those that target ads to specific online audiences based on demographic or category content (not unlike our own iEntry Network) – are increasing their reach.

Of those networks tracked by the research firm, the collective reach has increased from 21.5% of the total US Internet audience to 57.1% in a year’s time from March ’08 to March ’09.

Vertical Ad Networks Data from comScore

"comScore research indicates that vertical ad networks are a growing phenomenon in the online advertising space, in part because of their ability to deliver engaged, targeted audiences," said Lesle Litton, VP, Media at comScore. "As more vertical ad networks prove their ability to effectively reach specific target audiences by aggregating mid-tail publisher sites, the industry will likely give greater consideration to these emerging ad delivery channels."

Vertical Ad Networks Data from comScore

* Index = Time Spent by Vertical Ad Network visitors / Time Spent by Category Visitors x 100; Index of 100 indicates average representation

comScore notes that the study showed that vertical ad networks were effective in reaching people with significantly higher than average engagement in their respective content categories. For example, those reached in the gaming category spent 423 minutes per visitor on sites within that segment, which is 123% longer than the average user.

This information is worth considering in an economic climate where every advertising dollar counts. Making the ads themselves more engaging couldn’t hurt either.