Verizon Takes Big StepToward MCI Acquisition

    April 9, 2005

Verizon Communications is purchasing approximately 43.4 million shares of MCI common stock from eight entities affiliated with Carlos Slim Helu for $25.72 per share in cash.

The purchase, which is subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to close in several weeks.

Under the agreement, Verizon will pay the Slim entities an adjustment at the end of one year in an amount per MCI share equal to 0.7241 times the amount by which the price of Verizon’s common stock exceeds $35.52 per share (measured over a 20-day period). The prices for the MCI and Verizon shares were set by Verizon and the Slim entities based upon the market prices for the stocks at the time of the agreement.

Verizon Chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg said, “While this was an opportunity for us to purchase a block of shares under unique circumstances and is an important step forward in our acquisition of MCI, we will continue to assess the situation as we move toward a vote by the MCI shareholders.”

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