UNICEF, OLPC, Google Start “Our Stories”

    December 7, 2007

Not every would-be storyteller has access to a major publisher; some, in fact, have close to nothing.  So Google, One Laptop per Child, and UNICEF have launched a new project called “Our Stories” in an effort to get their accounts out there.

“UNICEF’s in-country communications teams are working with the schools using OLPC laptops, and also with children using other recording devices, computers, and mobile phones to preserve and share stories online,” explained Stephen Cho on the Official Google Blog.  “An enthusiastic team of Google volunteers, including me, developed the laptop application, the interview guides based on the work of StoryCorps, and the website.”

UNICEF, OLPC, Google Start

Also, as you’ll see upon listening to them, the stories stream through the YouTube player.

Fair warning: these stories aren’t guaranteed to be universally interesting, and due to language barriers (storytellers speak in their native tongues), it’s unlikely that many people will even be able to understand every story.  Still, Our Stories should create a remarkable historical record of what’s going on in the world around us at this point in time.

Something like 75 audio recordings are already available through the Our Stories site, and according to a FAQ section, many more may be added in the near future.