UK Internet Users Want Fast Film Downloads

    December 4, 2007

Internet users in the UK say that being able to download DVD-quality films fast is the service they most want from next-generation broadband, according to a survey from

Sixty-one percent said "downloading DVD quality films in five minutes" was the most interesting capability for future broadband services. Eighteen percent said they downloaded films but it was the online activity they spent the least time on. Surfing and checking email were still the most popular activities.

The survey was conducted to get an idea of what users might want from the next-generation broadband as the UK plans on when and how to move to faster services. Sixty percent responding indicated that they would either not be prepared to spend extra for the service or did not know.

The services that people were most interested in for next- generation broadband were the ones they currently spend the least time on.

"From our results it does appear a little contradictory that respondents rated ‘watching TV’ or downloading films as being the least amount of time spent on the Internet in a week and yet when asked which future service would be of most interest rated them as the most popular," Michael Phillips, product director at told the BBC.

"It could be that current services are not at a high enough standard to warrant utilising video services. If speeds were improved, consumers are more likely to use broadband to watch TV and/or download films," said Mr. Phillips.