Ubuntu Dapper Needs Some Tailoring

    March 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The next release of Ubuntu Linux, codenamed Dapper, needs to have some stray threads clipped, prompting the project’s founder to suggest a short delay of its release date.

Ubuntu Linux has quickly gained an excellent reputation among Linux distributions. Derived from Debian Linux, Ubuntu has been recognized by its peers in the Linux and open source community as the top derivative distribution of that operating system.

Ubuntu has a milestone approaching with its Dapper release. According to project founder Mark Shuttleworth’s message to an Ubuntu mailing list, the importance of the release merits a short delay of six weeks for its release date.

in some senses Dapper is a “first” for us, in that it is the first “enterprise quality” release of Ubuntu, for which we plan to offer support for a very long time. I, and others, would very much like Dapper to stand proud amongst the traditional enterprise linux releases from Red Hat, Debian and SUSE as an equal match on quality, support and presentation.

To meet Shuttleworth’s hopes that Ubuntu Dapper proves “the very best enterprise desktop and server release in the world,” he proposes the project forgo the original April 20th release date in favor of more testing.

Also, with ISVs and IHVs nearing a point where they can certify Dapper for their solutions, Shuttleworth would like to see those vendors have more time to do so.

Ubuntu picked up a valuable certification last November from IBM. Big Blue certified its DB2 database on the Ubuntu platform. Enterprises that needed to wait for vendor certification before recommending Ubuntu for their use with DB2 can safely suggest it now.

Notably, Red Hat has made an effective transition as a Linux vendor into an enterprise quality distribution with support to match. Ubuntu appears to have a similar path in mind.

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