Two Billionth Photo Finds Its Way To Flickr

    November 14, 2007

Some people have their bookshelves lined with photo album upon photo album, and I find that quite impressive.  Flickr’s got ‘em beat, though, as the photo-sharing site recently received its two billionth upload.

Two Billionth Photo Finds Its Way To Flickr
Two Billionth Photo Finds Its Way To Flickr

The photo that set this record is rather pretty; it features a eucalyptus tree set against a blue Australian sky.  “yukesmooks” is the photographer, and in the course of receiving 174 comments (and counting) on her picture, she wrote, “Thank you so much for everyone who congratulated me!”

Unfortunately, yukesmooks has yet to receive any goodies from Flickr (aside from a mention on the official blog), but that’s a relatively minor point in this story.  Flickr is one of Yahoo’s most popular properties, and the two billionth photo’s appearance helped confirm that fact; news of it spread as quickly as many of the “Google buys ____” stories that we’ve seen.

Flickr may not measure up to some other services in terms of sheer volume – Facebook’s apparently above 4 billion photos – but it remains a sort of fan favorite.  And all of this hubbub makes Microsoft’s upcoming rival to Flickr look even more silly.