Michael Jackson’s Death Hits Twitterers Pretty Hard

9 out of 10 trending topics are about "The King of Pop"

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Michael Jackson, one of the biggest music icons of all time, has passed away .

The death of the Michael Jackson is hitting Twitterers especially hard. Take a look at the screen shot below, 9 out of the 10 trending topics deal with some aspect his death.

Michael Jackson trending topics

Did you use Twitter to spread news of Michael Jackson’s death? Tell us.

Below is a search for #MichaelJackson… a mere 2 minutes after I did this search, 1,217 new Tweets were ready to be viewed for that term.

Michael Jackson Tweets

Jackson, or simply "The King of Pop", had five of his solo albums become some of the biggest-selling worldwide: Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), and HIStory (1995).

To honor the memory of Michael Jackson, I’ve embedded some of his best videos below.




For a full biograpy of Michael Jackson, along with a memorial guestbook, you can visit FamousDeadDB.

Michael Jackson’s Death Hits Twitterers Pretty Hard
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  • Guest

    Wow, thanks for the video tribute.

    MJ was quite the showman and dancer, what a sad day for the music community.

    • http://www.blogspot.com Joel

      I agree, thanks for the video tribute. He had some really great songs.

  • http://www.selfhelpconsumer.com/Identity-Theft-Services/Lifelock-Review.html Eric @ Lumosity Review

    Music affects people in a significant way. Regardless of all of Michael’s faults and apparent pedophilia, he still made great music that made a significant impact on people’s lives. No matter what he did, it does not take those experiences away. I am not surprised at all that people are so interested in his death now and sympathetic.

  • Guest

    LOVED the videos you posted!!!

    I forgot about some of these songs – sure he had his problems, and I don’t condone any of his actions, the man had some great songs!!!

  • Guest

    I just found out about his passing, what a sad day for music.

    I signed the guestbook at FamousDead.

  • Guest

    I’d suggest getting all the MJ Merchandise while you can, whether you want it to make money off of or for personal use. I have a feeling it’ll get sold out.

  • http://www.spicejetairtickets.com Spicejetairtickets

    very good blog post

  • Mike McDonald

    I had Thriller on vinyl, I was right there in the 80’s moonwalking and all that -but c’mon.

    What are you going to remember MJ more for? Beat It or pedophilia?

    Pretty easy answer in my book. Honestly, I’m surprised anybody gives a damn at all. One less pedophile makes today a better day than yesterday.

    Michael McDonald
    Follow me on twitter.com/mmcdonald”>Twitter!
    Managing Editor
    iEntry, Inc.

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    No doubt that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest artists of all time but I’m not so sure about him as a person. Although he got acquitted in the child molestation trial. I think there was some truth that didn’t come out because of his star power and celebrity status.

  • Guest

    I remember when he diddled me at Neverland ranch and gave me “Jesus Juice.”

    • Guest

      i dont belive it for 1 min he touched a child the way he was accused. children were preacious to him , he was used and abused by the parents of the lawsuit. sorry no way i would ever belive he would harm a child the way it was prtrayed by 2 people in his 30 somethin career .

      • Guest

        Innocent people don’t pay 15.3 million dollars to families in ‘go away’ money

  • http://seo-freelancing.blogspot.com/ Mohan

    World lost a great dancer today, and i think in future no body gonna replace him.

  • Igorstellar

    Addio amico mio
    mi hai accompagnato con la tua musica per tanti anni
    La tua memoria non morir

  • birdie

    This has been a sad day for everyone that love michael. we all know that he is in a better place now. he is singing thriller, bad, and all his other great songs in heaven. he is the king of pop. he is a legend that no one will forget. noone understood him but he was a great man with a good heart. many adults talk negative of him and that’s why he felt comfortable around children. and now those adults are feeling sad and hurt when all he wanted was to be heard and be treated with respect. He live a lonely life and now we are sad. Don’t take life for granted. Treat people the way you want to be treated.My love goes out to you michael and your family.

  • John

    Michael Jackson’s handlers encouraged him to pay out money instead of fighting the parents in court who left their children alone with him only to sue him later. I do not know and neither do you what happened behind closed doors. SO I will not ASSume anything.

    I can only say his finances seem to indicate a Never Land naive approach to life. He has no real property except Never land. His only and wisest investment was the Beatles catalog. Now see all who sue his estate to get their hands on any of that money…

    “Thanks for the memories Michael.” See you on the other side among alabaster building’s, 3 of your songs playing at once that you can hear each one clearly (90 minutes in Heaven). Next to Elvis you will live in our memories.

  • http://www.shoprivertown.com RivertownGuest

    Michael had all the talent and fame and fortune but I don’t think he was ever truly happy. I don’t know if he did what he was accused of or if it was just extortion. I hope he didn’t. May he rest in peace.

  • http://llodeguzman.blogspot.com/ Lloyd

    Michael Jackson

  • mimic

    hey , we’re gonna die to remeber !
    that michael jackson passed away is very sad , but all of these people in te world are gonna go !!!!
    don’t fotget that !!
    mimic love you michael jackson!

  • Steven Roberts

    Michael Jackson is dead, I just still cant beleive it, it really makes me very depressed and sad. He was kind, good, person. The shock of his death hasnt left me yet. MIchael you will be in my heart forever, you are best and always will be

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