Truveo Taps Kewego For European Video

    October 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Truveo, owned by AOL, has expanded its reach into international video content by sealing a deal with Kewego to index videos from major European producers.

Orange and other video producers will add a foreign flavor to the offerings at Truveo. The video search site announced its partnership with Kewego today.

Several of Kewego’s European sites will join in with content for Truveo, giving the video site an even greater repository of content to provide for its visitors. Producers include Orange, M6, and Le Figaro among others.

Kewego’s founders Michel Meyer and Olivier Heckmann created Kewego in 2003. They raised a 5 million euro round (about $7 million USD) in September to more rapidly find an international audience and grow the company’s reach.

Currently, Kewego claims viewership of over 100 million videos per month. Truveo cited a reach of 40 million users each month with its search engine. The Kewego deal should allow Truveo to bolster its claim of being able to find video that can’t be found on other search sites.