Transparency Key To Successful Business Relations

    March 2, 2005

There is a risk that corporate blogs become just another channel in the corporate communications mix.

That they, with the words of The Adam Smith Institute, result in a case of Dad at the Disco.

The recipe against it must be openness, honesty and transparency. All the things every blog evangelist in the world, me included, constantly talks about. Still, we know that transparency is far from obvious. It doesn’t come easy because it challenges so many traditions and hierarchies.

At you’ll find a blogger asking the questions many people probably are asking:

  1. How much transparency is a good thing?
  2. Is corporate transperancy more important than maintaining a certain image of public “face”?
  3. Will your customers really feel closer to your company […]?

I say …

  1. We need all the transparency we can get, maybe one day there’ll be too much but that’s in a rather distant future.
  2. Corporate transpareny is the best way to ensure that your public face is the true face, and if that’s a problem the company has got some fundamental stuff to solve.
  3. Not by transparency in itself, but it is one important factor.

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