Translating AdWords to Panama

    May 10, 2007

Not as easy as ABC, but a little more systematic than that is the process of converting Google AdWords Campaign into Yahoo Panama.

GotAds gives a list of uncomplicated steps for those interested.

In one of Yahoo’s posts, it said, "We offer a courtesy upload of up to 1500 keywords for new accounts. Bulk uploading is a feature that is only usually available to gold tier clients and above. However, we would be more than happy to convert the exported .csv file from your Google Desktop Editor utility into our format and upload the converted data into your account for you.

Simply send a support request email from within your account (via the “Customer Support” link), attach the .csv file to it, and we will handle the conversion/upload for you."

Some users claim, Panama platform does not support plurals of keywords. So far, all’s been smooth.