Toyota Looks At Green Design On YouTube

    October 16, 2007

Thanks to its Prius model, Toyota’s often been connected to “green” movements; Google itself even bought and tinkered with a fleet of the hybrids.  Now, through a new channel on YouTube, the automaker is promoting a number of environmentally friendly technologies.

Interestingly enough, these technologies aren’t even car-related.  Also, you shouldn’t expect to see most of them in the area around you tomorrow, next month, or next year.  Yet Toyota might be considered all the more creative due to these facts.

After all, Google often gets credit when it steps outside its search-and-advertising sphere of influence; take the Priuses mentioned earlier as an example, or, better yet, the $10 million Google put towards sustainable transport.  Toyota’s Green Design channel on YouTube is in the same vein.

Yet despite these shared goals and interests, Toyota and Google have not formed any sort of official relationship.  The YouTube development is just Toyota’s attempt to get involved with Web 2.0 and “share its Message of Environmental Innovation.”

Since “[t]he clips will be open for comment and will enable bloggers to share the videos with the online public,” it’ll probably succeed in doing so.