Three New Yahoo Search BOSS Tools Introduced

    April 9, 2009

Yahoo Search BOSS just got a little more interesting.  Developers who want to build their own search services should now be able to play with three fresh tools related to personalized Delicious content, language filters, and news stories’ dates.

Ashim Chhabra, a member of the Yahoo Search Boss Team, explained on the Yahoo Search Blog, "The Delicious data available today through BOSS includes Delicious saves, top tags, and count information."  Working in all of this seems like a smart move, since Delicious is one of Yahoo’s more popular properties.


As for the other stuff, BOSS has been made to support Chinese, Czech, and Hungarian, and according to Chhabra’s blog post, "BOSS is now equipped with Advanced Language functionality so that you can filter specific language results for a given market."  Which makes the platform more accessible to developers who serve foreign regions.

"Finally," the official post stated, "BOSS News Service can now sort by a date or a specified time range of days, weeks, or hours."

All of this might not quite add up to irresistibility, but developers should be hard-pressed to complain, and Chhabra promised that more BOSS updates are on the way.