The Social Media Playbook

    November 21, 2007

Muhammad Saleem has written a great introductory guide on how to approach social media.

It is good to see it appearing as a seed story on Techmeme.

Social Media Manual

Ben wrote a related article "Are You Sabotaging Your Social Stories?" explaining why you could be wasting your efforts with Social Media Marketing.

Shana is delving into Social Media Marketing for Small Business. You don’t have to be running a blog to use social media to promote your website.

Tamar just keeps on hitting home runs, but it hasn’t always been that way.

If you thought social media was a quick fix for easy exposure, consider the stats I presented last month at SMX: I’ve Dugg over 18,000 stories (that number now exceeds 22,000), and I added that each individual social network takes hours of study to get even the slightest inkling about. If you are under the impression that you can wake up one day, submit all your stuff to Reddit, and become an instant hero, unfortunately, there’s a lot more that you are not understanding: the bottom line is that an army of your peers is watching.

Social Media Conduits

Yesterday when on Collective Thoughts I wrote about how Social Media Marketing Sucks, I mentioned how you can link to people strategically in various ways.

Mu’s story is already hot on Digg, but no one has yet linked to it in Techmeme. Ben’s story is likely to to go popular very soon, and is a very good article. Shana’s article could use some additional attention, and I just love Tamar’s viewpoint to round things off.

In this particular case I wouldn’t class this as becoming a "hub" of the conversation, more like a conduit. You are helping attention flow from one related story to another.

I haven’t actually had to say too much about the articles themselves, in fact in this particular case it would be hard to add any value, other than adding value by linking them together


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