The Newest RSS Reader

    December 13, 2005

So you’re wondering what to get the information supageek who needs something else? Perhaps you’re the one who can never get enough information? Can’t do without the news for even one moment? Boy is there a gift for you. It’s a new form of RSS reader. It’s called the RSSTroom Reader.

This handy, dandy toilet paper dispenser offers the complete package. It includes wireless connectivity, unlimited feed subscriptions, RSS 2.0/Atom compatibility, random mode, browser based control panel and biometric user identification (included in the deluxe package).

Here’s the press release:

TAIPEI, December 4, 2005 – Yi Tien Electronics today announced a breakthrough news delivery system for the restroom. At a press conference, Yi Tien Electronics unveiled the rsstroom reader, an rss reader for the restroom which prints directly to toilet tissue through RapidResolution inkjet technology. Complete with wireless connectivity, the rsstroom reader will print out up to the minute articles from rss 2.0 and atom newsfeeds. Configurable via web browser*, the rsstroom reader can be set up to output an unlimited number of feeds in either sequential, alternating, or random mode. Included with the rsstroom reader deluxe package is the biometric seat which allows for customized feed output based on the unique features of users. The biometric seat also allows for tracking & printing the progress of your weight-loss regime.

Yi Tien Electronics also announced the future availability of a commercial version of the rsstroom reader, a more robust model intended for installation in public restrooms. The commercial model allows advertisers to place customized messages targeted to a specific audience through Yi Tien Electronics’ online subscription service.

* rsstroom reader control panel requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher on PC or Mac

So this is probably not real but it might be interesting to have at work. Of course, unless you took your laptop with you, it might be difficult to follow some of those articles in your feed. And then there’s possibility of following some blogs you probably don’t want to be caught reading in the bathroom. And finally, the possibility of losing necessary information might put a heavy load on your mind instead of releasing one.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.