The Find Launches Green Site

    September 25, 2007

Shopping search engine has launched a shopping search Web site for finding products from eco-friendly retailers and brands. The site is inclusive of products that are organic, created using ecologically conscious processes, or those offered by retailers who are committed to preserving the environment.

According to a recent study from GfK Roper Consulting, 79 percent of consumers have indicated that a company’s environmental practices are important in making decisions about the products they purchase. Search results for will include organic brands, green stores and eco- friendly products for all categories.

"It is essential that retailers acknowledge consumer concern and consciousness by offering products that support the preservation of the environment," said Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind Inc. "With thousands of eco-friendly products already available to consumers, and the untold number of items continually being launched every day in this category, we also felt that it was essential to offer consumers a simple, easy way to find these products instantly."

"We’re extremely proud to launch this first of its kind search website, and believe that the green product catalog will only continue to grow as more companies add ecologically sound products to their portfolios."

In November, the company has plans to launch its newest Color For a Cause Program, which allows users to search for products of a certain color to support charitable organizations. It will start the series of partnerships with a green campaign supporting an environmental charity and will continue the program in the coming months with other national charities.