The Felt Source Peer Review – Overwhelming

    July 18, 2003

When I first saw the name, I thought – well I do a lot of sewing, this might be a site I would enjoy reviewing. Then I read that it was for educational toys. I decided to look anyway, and I found a number of neat items, if I was a teacher, or a parent of small children I could understand how the kits that were advertised would be of benefit. I did find a number of things about the web site, that I would like to comment on.

When I went to the home page – I was overwhelmed. There was so much on the screen that it was hard to tell just where I wanted to start looking! It reminds me of my mother who used to attend craft shows with me. She said on some tables there was so much and such a variety, that she went right on by – too confusing!

I noticed that a number of pages had Back to Top links that did not work.

On one page where the Back to Top link worked, when I clicked the back button on my browser, it took me back to the bottom of the same page. Don’t know if this is something in my browser or not.

Visited all the different categories of products. While the items for sale were nicely presented, and all the Buy It Buttons brought you to the shopping cart, the ability to buy on each page is set up differently. Some pages have a Buy It button close to the item shown. Some pages have no Buy It Button close to the item, but a table below for ordering. Some pages had both. I saw the tables – some pages had the table after each item, some with the whole block of items at the bottom of the page. It all became very confusing.

Not everything was bad – I liked the graphics and the bright colors! The print was easy to read and everything loaded quickly, even though I am using a regular speed modem to get to the internet. Now what I want to know is – why didn’t they have these neat things for kids in school when I went to school!

Sandi Myers
t/a Sandi’s T’s

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