The Felt Source Peer Review – Good “Feel”

    July 18, 2003

I took a few minutes to look at The Felt Source. I only have a couple of comments. Overall, it had a good “feel” for me. I am an amateur webmaster so I tried to look at the site as a prospective buyer.

1. When I clicked on “dinosaurs” it took me to educational page, not animal page, so I had trouble locating where to order the dinosaurs.

2. I found the directory across the top of the pages changes and I found that confusing.

3. When you click on the “photo detail” button on the pizzas, it takes you to “large bears” (animal page).

I liked the graphics and page layouts, just found it hard to find some things.

Thanks, and feel free to review my site. It is quite different. I’m not sure if it is good or bad from your prespective, but I do have a lot of customers that say they like it, so? I am always open to suggestions.

Ron Stanford

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