TakeTV Simplifies Playing Video On TV

    October 22, 2007

SanDisk released today its TakeTV, a video player that can play video downloads from a computer on a TV set.

Users of the TakeTV player can drag video files to the player and then connect it to its TV cradle. The cradle plugs into the audio/video connections of the television and an on screen guide allows users to choose the stored content using a remote control, which is included.

The video player is available in two versions. The SanDisk Sansa TakeTV 4GB for $99 stores up to five hours of video encoded at 1.5 Mbps. The TakeTV 8GB sells for $149 and holds up to 10 hours of video.

Sansa TakeTV is compatible with a number of video formats, including DivX, XVID and MPEG-4. The player connects to a computer through a USB connector and operates with Windows Vista, Windows XP and the most recent versions of Mac and Linux.

SanDisk’s video distribution platform, Fanfare, goes into public beta today. It currently has a modest catalog with around 85 titles. It offers TV shows from CBS, including "CSI" and "Survivor". More titles are being added every week according to SanDisk.