SXSW 2012: Instagram May Finally Be Coming To Android

    March 5, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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It looks like a day Android users have been waiting a long time for may finally be arriving at this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) conference. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, is on the schedule to speak at the conference, which begins on Friday. It looks like there’s a chance he’ll announce the long-awaited launch of Instagram for Android.

Instagram is a hugely popular app for Apple’s iPhone. Chances are you’ve seen some of the photos it produces in your Facebook or Twitter feeds. The app lets users apply filters and borders to their photos. Sometimes the results are pretty amazing. Android users, though, have always been left out in the cold with Instagram. Though many Android users have expressed a desire to have he app on their devices, the app has remained iOS-exclusive since its launch. According to a recent report by GottaBeMobile, Android users’ wait may finally be over. They point out that Systrom’s keynote, scheduled for Sunday morning, March 11th, was originally titled “Your Phone’s Camera is Changing the World.” What’s significant there, they suggest, is that the title was “Your Phone’s Camer” and not “Your iPhone’s Camera.”

Of course, there’s no hard evidence that Systrom will announce Instagram for Android. Given the popularity of SXSW for product launches, though, Systrom’s talk would be a great platform for such an announcement. Instagram is massively popular on the iPhone, but the simple fact of the matter is that Android enjoys a significant lead over iOS in market share. So whether Instagram is coming to Android this weekend or not, don’t expect it to stay an iPhone-exclusive for much longer.

  • http://rarebliss.Lightbox.com Jennifer

    I sure hope it’s true….I went through 2 iPhones that just seemed to not last (they both broke, as in overheated and stopped turning on)…so then I finally switched over to an Android phone and never looked back!!! I do miss Instagram though…its one of the apps I used often:-)

  • violette

    Fingers crossed! I have an Android I love it my bf has an iPhone who introduced me to instagram now I have an account but I use his phone to go on it. Haha

  • http://idonzzy.wordpress.com Donzzy

    I, for one, am so excited for this app, not to mention the ill-fated (though I’m still hopeful as of the moment) for the release of Temple Run. Keeping our fingers crossed should probably help. : )

  • KFlan

    @Donzzy good news dude. Temple Run is releasing March 27th for droid.

    • http://idonzzy.wordpress.com Donzzy

      Yeah I heard from a friend of mine. I hope it’s final this time. No more false alarms.

  • Chris Bendau

    I’m just waiting with great hopes. I can’t wait for this app. I want to be the first to try it.

  • bloodyrose

    Hope シsoo

  • sonb

    Man i really hope this come out ill be soo happy dude!

  • pleasee

    I think instagram will SUCK if it comes out to Andriod to. Or at least have a like “instagram-to-andriod” so we who have iPhones doesnt need 2 see your shitty pictures.

    I mean, so much shitphones have android which means it will bee soooo much shitpictures people post with ther cheep ugly phones.

    INSTAGRAM. Make right choice, dont mix apple with some shit.

    • DAVE

      Are you twelve years old, pleasee?

      • Mandy

        What Dave said.

    • http://idonzzy.wordpress.com Donzzy

      learn some manners dude.

    • Jennifer

      Androids came with the 8MP resolution pictures first. So the iPhone has nothing more…

      Besides, having Instagram doesn’t mean your a professional photographer. Its a social app…with filters. Its supposed to be fun!

    • paige s.

      androids have amazing cameras and i know for a fact it works better than stupid iphones that shatter after you drop it for the first time.

    • Kassy

      seriously?! grow up. I had an iPhone and to tell you the truth, Android pictures AND phones are WAY better so Instagram would just make the awesome pictures that I take with my Android look 1000 times better. I think its a great idea to deliver Instagram to other Android and even BB.

  • http://www.jrothphotography.com JR

    Great. Except I don’t care. I can do more things and have more control over my images and not have INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM INSTAGRAM all over everything I do with the Vignette app.

  • Eric Schaefer

    I hope they launch it. It seems silly to leave out so many users to keep it an ios app. Tap into the android base. It’s a bad move not to. Also, you have some typos, but great article.

  • Kassy

    I had an iPhone and that is one of the apps I miss most. When I found out that Instagram wasn’t available to Android users I was saddened. I hope they release it soon so I can start using it again.

  • Aline

    I cant wait for Instagram. If ur guys go to Play Store and download: Appreciate-Personal and search for Instagram from ur Android phone, u be able to download the instagram, my friend downloaded on her android today but on mine i cant download dont know why. Oh if u go to Play store on ur android u cannot find it the instagram, dont know why. I NEED INSTAGRAMMM REALLY BAD, PLEASE HURRY UP… PLEASE…