Superpages Serves Up BlackBerry Application

    September 6, 2007

We all know that BlackBerry users can become just a tad bit absorbed in their devices, but that trait aside, they’ll now have less of an excuse for being late – just launched a local mobile application specifically for the BlackBerry.

Superpages Serves Up BlackBerry Application
Superpages Serves Up BlackBerry Application

The app, called Superpages Mobile for BlackBerry, offers everything you’d expect, including movie info, business listings, mapping, weather, and a “People Finder.”  And the name – I’m betting you could have guessed the name.  Anyway, that feature list is fine, and measures up to a lot of the other contenders in the market.  There doesn’t seem to be any way in which the Superpages product stands out, though.

In fact, a writer at states, “Personally I found that Beyond411 worked better every time and has GPS support but another free application cannot hurt.  The program could use a little bit of polish but works like a charm.”

That mixed performance may be good enough to grab a considerable market share, and the Superpages brand name won’t hurt anything.  In a press release put out by Idearc Media (the publisher of Superpages), Eric Chandler, the company’s “President – Internet,” reasoned, “Mobile users, especially those who travel frequently, increasingly want more local information no matter where they are.”

I’ll now thank any BlackBerry users who have stuck around to this point in the article.  I know it was a strain; you may now return to your machines.