Stylus Studio Enhances XML-To-EDI Support

    April 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Enterprise Edition of Stylus Studio’s 2006 Release 2 XML IDE supports hundreds of message and transaction set types of EDIFACT and X12.

DataDirect Technologies, the company behind the XML IDE, recently announced its Stylus Studio 2006 Release 2 product, starting at $795 for a single-user license. Stylus Studio has emphasized simplifying the developer’s work with applications utilizing EDI:

Stylus Studio’s EDI-to-XML and XML-to-EDI tools now support hundreds of message and transaction set types of EDIFACT and X12 – across dozens of versions – allowing EDI to be used as easily as XML as input to XSLT and XQuery programs. And those same programs can write output through the adapter, generating EDI transparently and automatically.

Stylus Studio supports the newest release of X12, 5030, keeping the tradition of providing comprehensive support of available versions of X12. Preliminary versions of EDIFACT are also supported. Stylus Studio can now automatically convert to and from EDIFACT versions from the prototype 88-1 to the present D05A version.

The new IDE also recognizes IATA PADIS, an EDI standard for air transportation. A new Document Wizard allows developers to convert an IATA document to XML Schema.

Also, the company improved the Java adapter components for its XML Adapter API. This permits better access to relational databases, EDI, or legacy data. DataDirect said the Java adapter components can be embedded more easily and offer faster streaming performance.

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