Starting an On-Line Home Business

    April 7, 2004

When looking for a business on the Internet you should consider a number of things. One thing is stability- with many scams on the Internet you should look for a business that has been around a few years. Another is to see how many members they have. Is it free to join, or how much to join, before you invest to much time and money? Also will they offer free support and training?

Next, you will want to invest in your own web site. There are many businesses that offer domain names, web sites, and hosting accounts free, or for a small fee. Once you have your site up and running, you will want to submit your web site to a search engine.

Then you will want to add link pages to your site, this will help your rank with the search-engines. This will take some time, but it is free. You will want to exchange links with at least 100 sites that are similar or related to your site. This will help you move up the search-engine page ranking, giving you more traffic, which equals more sign-ups and more sells. Most web sites have – a link to us – or similar page making it fairly easy to do. Also articles like this, related to your business, will add content to your site. The search engines love content, thus sending visitors directly to your article pages. Those visitors may then visit the rest of your site that makes you money.

You may then want to sign-up with an affiliate program, like ClickBank or Commission Junction, so that you have more than one source of revenue. Be careful to balance the affiliate programs without taking away from your main initial business. Be patient. You’ll work the hardest the first few months. Nothing great happens overnight! With some work, planning, and learning, you are on your way to success.

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