Spitzer Scandal Sheds Light On Web Prostitution

A Girlfriend Experience Is Just A Click Away

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The controversy surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has shed light (a red light) on a number of underground activities. Besides government corruption and the sex trade in general, Spitzer’s use of the Internet to connect with prostitutes is exposing a huge industry with which people may not be familiar.

Or even know exists.

The online escort/call girl/"model"/prostitute scene isn’t so hard to find, though. Just use Google. If the organic results don’t fit what you’re looking for, AdWords can help, too.

The truth is, investigating this scene is much like investigating the adult entertainment scene. The breadth, depth, and scope of prostitution available via online booking is staggering, indicating that just like the online porn industry, sex trade is not just a huge industry, but one that employs cutting edge marketing techniques, and one that apparently is thriving.


Google NYC Call Girl Results


Just Google It

It’s unclear at this point exactly how Governor Spitzer was referred to the Emperor’s Club website. But if he’s a self-starter, he could have used a search engine like Google. A search for [new york call girls] for example brings up a host of relevant organic links, most of which seem to be news article related.


Emperors Club Models


The sponsored links, though, are another story. Sponsored results for these keywords brought back websites like BadGurlModels (screen shots will be provided but no links), HourGirl, and a site advertising "full service" $50 half-hours and $100 hours. Full-service is, according to research, code for you-know-what.

Similar results came back for [full service escorts] and [ny gfe]. "GFE" is another code meaning "girlfriend experience," which means the escort is open to certain things like kissing and other "girlfriend"-type activities. [ny gfe] brought 491,000 results in Google, along with their very own targeted ads.

Not all incarnations of the word "prostitute" work, by the way. A search for "whore," for example, brings back a myriad other results. Apparently the connotation of that word has changed a bit.

An Open Sex Market

It would be impossible to explore every website offering some kind of escort service, and many of them seem to have shut down since the revelation about Governor Eliot, including the Emperor’s Club website he used. But perusing some of them reveals details that would be mundane if talking about any other business.

When people think of prostitution, they generally think of street-walkers with cash-only policies. The 21st Century, though, brings change to the world’s oldest profession, too. Visitations can be booked with cash or credit. There is often a registration process for potential clients, or a requirement that the client participate in a screening process. One escort requested that clients specify ethnicity when booking.

Some have model-recruitment programs, and offer $250 per referral, payable after the "model’s" third successful appointment.

Some offer discounts for daytime appointments. Others have senior citizen discounts.

Though some are pretty up-front about what they offer, the more cautious ones provide a legal disclaimer, that usually is worded something like this:

Payment is for companionship only. Anything outside this is a matter between two or more consenting adults. This is not an offer of prostitution. 

Regardless, that "companionship" and anything a client can talk her into usually has a flat-pricing model, with hourly rates ranging from $150 to $3,600. Just like in the brick-and-mortar world, some places of business are more of the Wal-Mart variety, while others cater to a more, well, selective clientele.

Some of the more expensive ones put some of that money toward very high-tech, 007-type surveillance equipment that allows them to watch whomever might be watching them.

A Virtual Smorgasbord

Call Girls Smorgasbord

Governor Spitzer obviously had a certain taste: prostitutes he could take to Washington on important visits that didn’t look like a prostitute and could provide him confidence that she would exercise her right to remain silent. There are more expensive women than $4,300 for two hours, but he is a government employee at the end of the day.

If money is no object, a fat-walleted client can choose from a menu of women on sites similar to the Emperor’s Club, some with the same diamond-rating system. A seven-diamond lady, if paying by credit card, will run about $3,600 per hour. If paying by cash, a client can get a $600 per hour discount. If he wants to weed out the less expensive, less exclusive women, he can run a more specific search for [high class call girls] or [high class escorts] and Google will bring him back what he is looking for, thanks to some good SEO and SEM.

With the Internet, though, choices aren’t limited to the New York area (NYC though is some kind of high-class call girl mecca) or to one type, or even to just two genders. Options are available anywhere one might travel: Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, or Las Vegas. Admittedly, given the legal status of prostitution in Nevada, Las Vegas is a degree less shocking.

Flying to London, France, Italy, Romania, or Czech Republic? No problem. Thailand or the Philippines? The Internet has John covered. 

Approaches are notably different in the southern United States than in New York. Websites devoted to southern escorts appear to be more up-front with what is offered via easily-deciphered code language. Thanks goes out to UrbanDictionary.com for help with the decoding. Many of their websites, though, are no longer online.

Southern escorts don’t have "rates," by the way, but they do accept donations, and are happy to post the types of gifts they enjoy.

One, for example, expressed a liking for World War II memorabilia.

All of these options too Anglo? Again, no problem. There are websites devoted to every ethnicity. One Asian escort website promised "new girls every two weeks" as though they had regular shipments of "product."

Prostitution 2.0

If all of this isn’t surprising enough, some of the thousands of websites are well ahead of the online marketing game and employ just about every avenue at their disposal. The sites are very well designed, some very expensive looking. The more expensive ones employ the right blend of Flash and text.

Many have blogs and interactive calendars. Some are portals. Many are set up like social networks where clients are treated as "friends" who refer other "friends." In fact, many are reference-based only, which makes one wonder if Spitzer was referred by someone, or if his name-recognition got him a free (and perhaps nerve-wracking) pass. Then again, he’s been reportedly participating for ten years, before these sites became so sophisticated. Maybe he was a usenet guy.

One site was set up exactly like a traditional dating site, an eHarmony for hookers. It boasted 2,800 direct phone numbers for registered members.

And then there are the niche-industry players, the support-industry. Some websites specialize in escort web-design, and judging by the quality of some of the sites, there’s a decent market for it. Some of these offered free websites for escorts, as though part of an affiliate marketing program.

The websites are heavily SEO’ed to make them appear in the top ten results for certain queries, which makes one wonder how involved the SEO business is with the online escort scene, especially when the branding efforts are sophisticated enough to include paid search result complements.

They also haven’t forgotten to make use of local search engines and mapping services. Just for one example, you can check out prostitute blogger College CallGirl’s guide to New York City sex hotels on GridSkipper.

 What Now?

Well, one thing we know: As long as there are clients willing to pay and entrepreneurs willing to provide, this industry isn’t going away. So the industry itself is probably not in trouble.

Spitzer probably wishes the same could be said for him, since he has resigned. As for orchestrated online marketing campaigns for the sex trade, or activities that could be construed as the sex trade, it is unknowable at this point if a crackdown would be likely, possible, or fruitful.

It could be, maybe, at least temporarily, until they pop up again "under new management." One other thing we know: Other "underground" heavily marketed products, like pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, etc., are not quite so sophisticated or up-to-date in their online campaigns. Some illegal markets are pretty heavily masked and much more clandestine and difficult to find. 

The sites we found, not all of which claim directly to be prostitution sites, are not so careful, and in fact are very much designed for anyone to find them. We found via search. They have put a lot of effort and money into online marketing and seem to have mastered every element from site design, to search marketing, to social media, to vertical search and mapping.

And that’s, well, pretty blatant. 



Spitzer Scandal Sheds Light On Web Prostitution
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    "Southern escorts don’t have "rates," by the way, but they do except donations, and are happy to post the types of gifts they enjoy."



    • Guest

      a bit rude and arrogant , since most people are rushing when typing and are not typist by trade. These post are not hand written . 

      • Jason Lee Miller

        And yes, it wasn’t the nicest way to tell me. But I certainly understand the peeve. I have a tendency to be harsh on others for the same mistake.

        Just call me Eliot.


    • Jason Lee Miller

      I’ve only proofread the article half-a-dozen times. It’s hard to catch your own mistakes sometimes. Would you believe I’m very nearly finished with a Master’s degree…of fine arts…in writing?

      Stupid homophones.

  • Guest

    So I guess its safe to assume that the NY Tax payers paid for his- in the closet escapades. one can only imagine what fetishes he was inflicting on the working girls. Really he should do himself  a favor and get some counseling for your obvious intimacy problem. I hope his wife and children – the other victims in this play won’t sufffer too much longer and that his wife does not have any stds as a result. Its time for the Mrs. to depart with her daughters.

    PS. He should serve jail time like all the others that he prosecuted for the same crime.

  • http://homebusiness.eexweb.com aldo


    Well what we can say about human desires "there’s nothing written about them", its natural and people owned their bodies, therefore, they can physically and morally sold them it so disire make use of it . Under the category of: explotation, prostitution, etc. In fact, in many states prostitution is legalized and serve as a mode of relaxation, entertaiment, business so and so forth.

    Actually prostitution is a billion dollars business amongst first world’s countries. That can afford to exploy women from third world’s countries. Like,  Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

    Porstitution is the oldest profession for human beings. So, why we should be alarmed about this issue. It’s very much profitable and it sells itself. But people who get into a position like governor of New York City, and be implicated on a such issue is very unfortunate, because they’re the so called a "model like for its constituents" and the visitors in general. It good he resigned, so the next governor can continue what he has not done. Hopefully, the new one will not be caugh and be more cautious about his whereabouts. It is very naive to think that prostitution will be erradicated because of this incident.

    Until the next time around,

    and keep watching the news on cnn, bbc, fox news, tv.es so on so on.

    The guess of today.


  • pod40

    I am from the big state of NH. Just check out Craigs list and you will find all the girls you want, at hey, much more resonable prices. The problem with all the publicity this gets is that the average guy who would never think about it, might look into the whole scene. In NH the police to stings all the time, and it made the paper. Other wise I would have never known about all the prostitution in our little tucked away state. So wake up world, it’s all over the place.

    • http://msgrantrave.proboards18.com/ Markus10527

      Yes, I agree pod40 – prostitution is EVERYWHERE!  People should get used to it by now!

      I think the real problem with prostitution isn’t the business, but the "civilized" world’s treatment of the business.  It usually comes down to some social-religious morality code that has developed over the many centuries since the birth of civilization.  I also think that, because many religions (mostly Christian – more specifically on the Catholic, Baptist & Born-Again sides) look at intercourse as a "necessary evil" for the "miracle of birth", it has in turn promoted the abhoration of prostitution, pornography, and the act of "casual sex".  Putting childbirth on the level of a sacred act ordained by a deity, anything that would commercialize or "cheapen" it would get a negative reaction.  Because of making our reproductive process so "sacred", it has brough forth the legal/social battles over abortion and birth-control, as well as prostitution, adultery, puligamy and hedonism.

      Personally, I think people have such a disdain for intercourse in general because it shows just how closely related we are to animals.  That similarity to the beasts of our planet could support the theory that we were not created by a God, but evolved from the same protoplasm that every other living creature on the planet has come from – thus making humans less of a "blessed" being, and more of "just another species in the world".

      In short, the only difference between us and animals are our minds (and the opposable thumb).  Two humans having sex are very similar to primates, dogs, cats, rats, etc. having sex.  Plus, we as a species enjoy intercouse for pleasure, not just procreation – and civilized humans can’t handle those facts

      • Fijiguy

        Actually, our current moral convictions are rooted in the Victorian Era.  When the Queen (Victoria) declared that intercourse was only to be "tolorated" by women, not to consider it a pleasurable experience, that it was only to be performed for the express purpose of procreation and then extremely limited to the missionary position.

        As we all know from our history, anything that was put forth by the King or Queen (of England) was not only man’s law but also God’s law as according to the Church of England.  Much of our Anglo-Saxxon traditions, moral and ethical value systems were obtained from jolly old England.  The Puritans escaped from an immoral and corrupt form of government to the New World at a time when the King and his court practiced open sexual activities on a regular basis.  Thus, the eventual Victorian Era.

        However, if you really search through history you will find that the Roman Catholic Church is the biggest source for the strict moral code that makes sexual intercourse the dirtiest sin other than murder.  If you trace back to the time of the Inquisition, you will note that a great number of women were either burned at the stake for being considered a witch or torturted into confessing to sins that they may never have conducted, including prostitution, for the express purpose of instilling fear into the masses. 

        Prostitution has been around forever.  That is why it is considered the oldest profession.  Will it be around for a long time to come?  Certainly, it just may go underground for awhile until the hype blows over.

        Is it morally right or wrong?  Only a person’s moral compass can tell them that.  Faith and moral values are a personal matter and I certainly don’t need a government telling me that my faith and moral convictions are against some law.  We certainly don’t need to go through another Inquisition.


        • Jason Lee Miller

          and make some pretty good arguments

          where y’all been?

          you should comment more often

          Cheers :-)

      • http://www.skybits.com Laura Gullett

        Markus, your logic is more than k likely so true in our society.  I like the way you express it in your writing style too.  I found over the years to have witnessed how the majority of people pretend that sex is not a human pleasure as much as for procreation.  It is both and people who go to church feel the same way, even if they pretend otherwise.

        For instance why would anyone be shocked that Britney’s 16-year-old sister got pregnant?  If she is with someone as in a girlfriend and boyfriend situation at her age, then she should have been provided birth control, and counceling along time ago.  Teen pregnancy happens as often as any other time in past generations.  Why are people still acting as if they are shocked anymore?

        People label "prostitution" with certain criteria in order to label it as such, however in reality there are many relationships where it is going on all the time in our modern world of openness.

        As far as Governor Spitzer is concerned.  Yeah he should be jailed the maximum punishment he ever imposed on anyone he help enforce the law against.  Only because of that hypocritical behavior, and due to tax dollars paying for it all, should he be punished harshly for it.  It effects many more people than him alone, plus all the horrible things those daughters have to deal with now for the rest of their lives in relationships with people.  I really feel for them.  How dare this man not think of what this will do to his family’s life forever, and in such a globel world.  There is nowhere for them to go without being humuliated.

        Thanks so much for sharing your views Markus.


      • Guest


        I can’t let this go by without a response. Please forgive the offense that this will be to you. Understand that it is not directed at you personally, but at a mindset that you evidence. That mindset is one of immorality generally, and sexual immorality in particular. First, the fact that prostitution is everywhere does not make it moral (right). Morality is not a function of popularity, it is a function of righteousness. (I know you’re not going to like that word, but it is the right word. Look it up.)

        FYI, my perspective is traditionally Christian, Protestant. And for what it is worth, which is less than nothing, I hold a Master’s degree in Divinity from the oldest (and most liberal) seminary West of the Mississippi River. This is only to say that I understand the liberal argument for freedom of sexual expression. I don’t need to be "educated." Been there. Done that.

        The liberal argument should be rejected first and foremost on Christian grounds. And the first element of that Christian argument would be to demonstrate that what you have identified here as being Christian (intercourse being a "necessary evil," etc.) is most assuredly not a biblical perspective. It is commonly misunderstood to be Christian, even by self-professed Christians, but it is not. I’m unlikely to convince you of that here, so I’ll spare you the effort. At best you have set up a "straw man" argument and have done a splendid job of trouncing it.

        The control and discipline of sexual energy (activity) is an engine of civilization. And civilization is actually a good thing, when it is done well. However, it is not currently being done well (there’s more to civilization than technology, but that takes us in a different direction). Nonetheless, the connection between sex and civilization is not the act itself, but the nature of the traditional marriage relationship that legitimizes the act. Marriage is the key, not the sex. And traditionally, marriage and sex have been held together in an exclusive union by religious and social mores — not just Christian, but biblical Christianity makes the best defense of such a practice.

        And what is so special about marriage, particularly Christian marriage? The promise to be faithful, the promise to do what you say you will do. Society is built upon promises. Money is a promise, as are checks, bank notes, credit, etc. It’s all about promises. Promises are the building blocks of civilization. In Christianity this line of thinking is called covenant theology. The basic idea is that kept promises (good promises) are good for civilization and broken promises (bad promises) are a kind of corruption or rot of the fabric of civilization. Broken promises undermine and destroy civilization. They also make our money worth less.

        Promise keeping is a kind of habit. The bad thing is that the breaking of one promise makes it easier to break another, ad infinitum. The more promises that a person breaks, the easier it is to continue breaking one’s promises. There’s a momentum both personally and socially to promise keeping and to promise breaking. The one leads to a healthy civilization and the other leads to an unhealthy civilization. One increases life, the other increases death, to put it starkly.

        The traditional teaching is that sex is reserved for marriage, period. Are you a father? Do you have daughters? If not, you may not appreciate this line of argument, so you may have to ask a father who has a daughter or two about it. Prostitution and its variants always involve breaking promises. The idea of prostitution applies to more than sex. For instance, the definition includes: "One who sells one’s abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose." A prostitute has no honor in the same way that a mercenary has no honor, no integrity. Prostitution destroys honor and integrity, which are the currency of promises, which are the building blocks of civilization.

        I could go on, but if you haven’t got it by now, you are not going to get it from me — but you may eventually get it. At least that is my hope and my prayer. But because you are not likely to be initially moved by the God argument, here’s an argument that leaves God out of it: http://www.ourcivilisation.com/moral2/index.htm. If you have time, read the whole site.

        • Jason Lee Miller

          That’s a very intelligent defense of marriage and sexual fidelity, very unlike other more reactive arguments.

          I wonder though, and this is not a defense of infidelity, promiscuity, or prostitution (the latter is currently an industry that fraught with human trafficking and slave-labor of a kind), if the argument that sexual fidelity creates a good society is also a strawman argument.

          How do we judge a good society?

          I lived in Japan for a year and found out that infidelity and prostitution were an accepted thing in most circles (of men at least). You can argue that’s a very sexist society, where men are given more liberties than women and in that case you would be correct. However, even without the Judeo-Christian ethos, I couldn’t say the Japanese society is a bad society.

          In fact, some aspects of it were better and freer than our own. I was treated very well, and I was treated very morally and with respect.

          The same might not be said for women, or certain ethnicities, though, which might be a case for a society that is not good.

          But at least the crime rate is low.

          Not refuting, just expanding and awaiting your thoughts.


          • Guest


            Clearly you are not a Christian, or at least not a very biblically informed Christian. And you don’t need to apologize for refuting me or anyone else. If an argument can be refuted, it should be. But this is not to be confused with expressing "diverse" opinions on a topic. A diverse opinion does not a refutation make, as my mother would say.

            You have put your finger right on the primary crux of the issue: How do we judge a good society? How do we know what is right/good and what is not? This is a very deep subject, and if you are going to ask the question, you need to hang in there for the answer. Unfortunately, too many people will not give the issue the attention it requires. I’ve been at it off and on for about 45 years, to give you a idea of what I’m talking about. Because this is a foundational concern of civilization itself (a matter of life and death to civilization), it is worthy of serious study. So, don’t expect some snazzy, trivial, jingo-like answer to trot around the Internet with. Those kinds of answers may make you famous (for your 15 minutes, maybe an hour with inflation), but won’t solve the problem. However, this is not to suggest that there are not immediately satisfying answers. There are. But they only serve to raise better questions.

            Alrighty, then! The issue is knowing good and evil, which is the so-called Original Sin in the Bible, where Adam & Eve ate the fruit of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:17-ff). In other words, this is the central concern of the Bible. In a nutshell (and always be suspicious of nutshell answers) people cannot in-and-of-themselves know what is good or what is evil because such determinations require an objective (transcultural and transhistorical, or ultimate) perspective, and individuals only have subjective (relative) perspectives. When Adam & Eve were expelled from the Garden, they lost their God-link (simple trust of God and of His determinations for their lives) and were condemned to personal subjectivity. And no matter how many subjective perspectives you add up, you never get an objective perspective as a sum total. It’s a knotty conundrum, but it is not unsolvable, thank God.

            Here comes the God part, and it is unavoidable. No matter how anyone answers your question, something will always serve in the God role that will determine some answer, i.e., science, reason, experience, knowledge (human), power (political), etc. The basis upon which your question is answered serves as a god within the intellectual system that provides the answer. So, atheists, actually have something that serves as a god for them, but they just don’t like or use the traditional God (and especially not biblical) terminology. But the blurring of terms doesn’t answer the question, it only dodges the answer.

            If you are with me so far, you will note that my answer to your question is both nursery school simple and yet serves as an alternative to String Theory as a fundamental explanation and rational system for the structure and order of the entire universe: because God says so. It is the argument of revelation. We cannot get or achieve an understanding that will provide an answer in-and-of-ourselves (because of our subjective limitations), so God Himself has given the information that we need (the Bible) in order to be the people He has created us to be.

            Other answers may work for a while, but will not provide for the sustainable development of civilization. So, in history we find that civilizations rise and fall. God’s purpose is to develop a sustainable civilization. And (here’s the rub) it will only work on His terms. Why? Because God says so.

            Next question.

          • Jason Lee Miller

            Do you always assume things about people you’ve never met?

            Raised: Methodist, in church 3 times a week.
            President, UM Youth, Youth rep to Eccumincal Council and District Pastor Council, Youth rep to Evangelism Committee, Resident Assistant at Christian dorm in college

            Inches from Seminary. Bailed. But know my biblical stuff. Went to grad school for something else, planning on following up by pursuing a PhD in myth.

            String theory, yes, strong evidence for an underlying consciousness beneath everything…my extended critical essay applied the concepts of quantum physics to rhythm in literature…i’m with ya on that.

            Not with you on the idea that the same image of God is required for a good society. There are many images. Also not with you on the literal interpretation of the myth of Adam and Eve.

            Anyway, I feel the Biblical angle for this discussion is moot. You might argue that religion (or spirituality of some kind) is essential to being a better person — which some would feel differently about too…but I can accept that spirituality and ritual is an important part of the human experience.

            But it would be difficult to prove that religion, or even Judeo-Christian values, is by its nature makes for “good societies”…lots of bad societies have emerged because of those same things…the Inquisition, for example, or radical Islam…

            Take it out of Japan. In Australia, prostitution is legal. Would you deem Australia a bad society because of it?

            Btw, I’m tight with Jesus, just not with the church, if that’s what you meant by “clearly not a Christian.”

          • Guest

            How quickly and deeply the rub rubs! I was not assuming anything. Rather, I was extrapolating on the basis of what you said, and my experience with other people who have said the kinds of things that you have said. And yes, I listen very carefully to what people say.

            "Methodist, in church 3 times a week. President, UM Youth, Youth rep to Eccumincal Council and District Pastor Council, Youth rep to Evangelism Committee, Resident Assistant at Christian dorm in college. Inches from Seminary…" According to Paul, credentials like these are dung (crap — Philippians 3:4-9), not evidence of faithfulness. These kinds of things did not provide evidence of Paul’s faith, nor do they for yours (or anyone’s, I’m not singling you out here). This is common knowledge among Christians (or should be).

            The old adage, "Living in a garage will not make you a car," applies. These things only mean that you have flirted with Christianity, not that you ever married — and I’m not saying that you are or aren’t a Christian, I’m only pressing you to show it. I’m saying that the perspective that your words reflect doesn’t appear to be very Christian from an historical perspective. You might be a cultural Christian — born into it, go through the motions, but don’t really care. Churches have always been full of these kinds of people. The Bible actually speaks a lot about this problem. Jeremiah and Isaiah, for instance, are full of such references, as you know.

            You will ask, what evidence have you given to make me think this? Okay, you mentioned the "myth" of Adam & Eve. Your use of the that term regarding a central Biblical story and your interest in a PhD in mythology suggests a Jungian or Joseph Campbell like understanding of religion and the Bible, neither of which meet any Christian criteria of orthodoxy. A typical liberal argument goes like this: if Adam & Eve are mythical, then sin is mythical, and there is no need for Jesus. It’s a solid argument, except for the faulty premise. And then you say that you are "tight with Jesus, just not with the church," which suggests that a denial of the church as the body of Christ (without getting into what the church is, i.e., the body of Christ, see First Corinthians), or that the church wields any authority over you, or that you honor any submission to her.

            Such a belief is clearly outside of the history and the orthodoxy of any Christian church, liberal churches excepted (but liberal churches are not actually Christian). The idea of being tight with Jesus is not biblical. Christians don’t speak of the Lord that way, which also sheds critical light on the so-called emergent movement, which is full of people who do. Rather, this kind of language suggests a Postmodern bent. Postmodern people treat life like a great smorgasbord, picking and choosing what they like and discarding the rest, as if the governing power of life rests in our preferences. Such people are simply a product of the culture in which they live, and that culture does not produce Christians. Such a position (Postmodernism, a child of liberalism) is not unique because it has been socially engineered by the liberals (taught in all the schools). Postmodernism is a Pavlovian response to social engineering. I know this from the inside, I’ve been there. I’ve believed all of these things, and by the grace of Jesus Christ have come to see through them. Those liberals! They are clever rascals!

            You are correct that there are many images of God — three to be exact: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you missed the trend of the last couple decades regarding the centrality of the Trinity in theology, an area that has been historically neglected, I can suggest some interesting reading. It really is good! Your phrase that "religion (or spirituality of some kind) is essential to being a better person" suggests that you have sequestered religion/spirituality exclusively into the personal realm, as if it has no objective value or social influence. Again, that is a typical Postmodern perspective, not a Christian perspective (except inasmuch as various elements of Christianity have succumbed to the Postmodern influence).

            Whatever kind of society Australia is, prostitution makes it worse, as is true in every society. The legality of prostitution in Australia is simply a statement about the corruption of Australian people and their government. The fact that it is legal does not make it better. I said nothing of "taking out Japan" and heartily do not recommend it. And you are correct that bad societies have emerged from Christendom. But the fact that people — even Christians — have not actually practiced a thing doesn’t mean that the thing won’t work.

            I think we have taken this thread as far as possible here. God speed.

          • Jason Lee Miller

            yes, i agree this part of the thread has gone farther than it needs to, thanks for all the preachin’ though. the only relevant part of your discussion was the part about prostitution. Your points are taken with as much consideration as is warranted.

            You assumed a lot, preached a lot, and were often wrong about me. Sometimes you were right. I’m a huge Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung fan. Nice call. And no, not with in any traditional, historical, or orthodox version of Christianity…which only works if you’re absolutely certain Paul knew what he was talking about.

            As for your other (fallacious) points, though this is not a competition of any sort for me, I’d be happy to discuss via email, with the expectation that you’ll be right of course.

            I don’t offer any spiritual advice or guidance, nor do I make judgments about people’s faith. You found something that works for you and that’s good. I won’t steer you from it nor your need to be right.

            I was once selected for leadership, and I rejected it because of similar discussions to what I’ve had with you. I walk my own path, and the only way for you to understand that path is for us to go back to the beginning and walk it together, which would take way too much time. And vice versa.

            But if you would like to discuss it further (which means you love futility as much as I do), I can be reached at jmiller at webpronews.com. More than likely I’ll say something that will upset you, so be warned.

            I opened up the discussion about society initially, with the wincing suspicion someone would turn that discussion toward religion. But please, don’t judge me for my beliefs or my reluctance to accept yours, or assume I believe things I don’t.


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  • Guest

    Keep this crap out of my SEO announcements.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Not just seo, but web-marketing in general…these sites, as said in the article were expertly put together, SEO’d, SEM, social media, interactive pages…brilliantly done, actually.

      The article was kinda long, so maybe you didn’t get to that part.

    • http://www.skybits.com Laura Gullett

      SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is growing at leaps and bounds exponentially.  There are many intricate parts of the process and it is constantly changing in reaction to behaviors on the Internet.  Yes the sites mentioned here can easily be setup within all the powerful SEO rules of the Internet game.  No one person or entity can stop this from happening.  We are now a global world as one unit due to the Internet.  I don’t know about you, but my ego is not big enough to fight against that fact, so I work with whatever I learn from it instead.  I know I have no choice, or else be stressed about something much more powerful than me.

      The world is changing so much faster than any other time in history, because of the power of information on the Internet so vastly available to so many more people at one time.  You are a mere ego human if you actually think you have power to control SEO in any environment on the Internet.


  • http://www.usa.gov Guest

    I am a prostitute & want to get more money for servicing our ‘Men of Power’.  Thinking once this Spitzer thing is over, the Congressmen will continue doing us – he’s not the only one, but I sure would like more access into that pot o’gold!  Can the FBI who did the wiretapping/investigation expose all the other politicians that conduct themselves in this manner?  I want to know and put them on my list!  Thanks for your continued support.

  • http://www.skybits.com Laura Gullett

    One big problem is that if I was a prostitute, I would not want my photo online to advertise it.  That is an invitation to lots of other trouble, not counting the illegal prostitution itself.  If I was to leave the profession later, and yes women do that when they use the money for education for example, then I would not want my past information online either.  In my computer profession, I know how to find archived websites, plus if anyone talked about me on blogs, forums, etc, that would be easily found too.

    Online people just don’t realize that the old-fashioned power of  "put it in writing" is more prevelent than ever.  What is in writing and now also posted on a webpage, could be permanent somewhere online and be found most of the time.  That is why many of those services still want to be discreet the old-fashioned way is what I believe.


  • http://simplest.moneymaking.ever.com kemengr

    I have been following Jason’s takes on internet issues but nothing can beat this piece. Its witty, its serious and its condemning. Hats off, Jason!

    The web page in question is no longer available although the site gets mentioned in the top 5 search listing for "emperor’s club". May be, Google will have to add one more factor to its algorithm. I am also surprised the site is only PR1! What happened to our SEO gurus?

    By the way, the site has about 131 inlinks.

    Now I have coined a term – "Spitzer" – one who searches on Google for sex, call girls etc. Copyright for a wrong.

  • L. Delboy

     As soon as I opened the article did a quic search with the same terms suggested: new york call girls The result was amazing. Google didn’t show any sponsored link. Zero. Zilch. None. I ran my quest without any ad blocking software. 

    Man, google is fast!




    • Jason Lee Miller

      i reran the search and sure enough the top sponsored are gone…but i still found this one to the side:

      $50 half / $100 hour F/S
      Tired of the high priced escorts?
      100’s of hot escorts waiting 4 you.
      New York, NY

  • Guest


    Sptizer has spent his career putting bad guys in jail— this is just another "under cover" sting – This is all just a "cover-up" for the bigger picture.


    He has masterminded this entire event to UN COVER the true bad guys, he will in 2 months announce that even his resignation is a fake.  This will be the deepest penetration the FBI has ever made into Prostitution.  It is a "new" era in Police investigations, Deep Throat was a "silent" witness, this is counter intelligence, just examine his name "spitzer"- this will tell you more about the "behind the scenes".  This will go beyond the smoke and mirrors of Bill Clinton and Monica…..this will expose the open "door" policy even in the White House.


  • Guest

    Its fascinating to me that the almighty google will no longer be acccepting sites that sell "dropshipped" quality products but you can get all the sex/ porn/etc  you could ever want, from them.



    • http://www.skybits.com Laura Gullett

      What do you meant Google won’t accept ‘dropshipping products listed online’?  There are millions of sites that offer such shipping to customers, even affilate programs, which are a huge marketing successful strategy online.

      If you have any problems online with this issue I’m glad to help you out.  Just let me know.


  • Mike

    The only thing about this article that I find even minutely surprising is the level of ignorance surrounding some involved in web marketing in relation to the level of marketing used in online porn/prostitution. 

    Anyone who does any work in marketing, and took the barest amount of time to look at search results, would see that sex is one of the top keywords searched throughout the Internet. In such a high demand market it is obvious those seeking to take advantage of it would need to use cutting edge marketing techniques to thrive.

    Simple as that.

  • http://www.sakara.net Sakara

    To me prostitution falls under the "victimless crime" heading and should have long ago been legalized. This is a service industry between consenting adults and basically no one’s business but those involved. Maybe it will take the internet to help us all grow up.

    • Guest

      Sakara: No, i dont agree there.The reason is that people often just are "curiouse of sex" and are fooled to pay for it.But when a "costumer" knows what he (or she…women also pay for sex, more often than the common man think)is doing and know what he/she wants,then its on "equal terms" and should be legal.

      But all lies and manipulations on innocent people, is not a good "sexual edication" for anybody!

    • Guest

      The problem is if you legalize it how can the Govt Tax it …..

      • http://www.boundnotgagged.com existentialhedonist

        New Zealand decriminalized prostitution back in 2003, and has seen a significant increase in their tax revenue.

    • Guest

      Whenever I hear the words "victimless crime" I shudder.  Let’s count the victims:  Spitzer’s wife, his 3 teen daughters, any living parents & in-laws, the organizations that he "helped", etc.  How would you take your family member (spouse or child) being involved in prostitution or even a "victimless" affair?  I know that my wife & children would be devastated for years.

      Although I entirely disagree with his politics, areas & folks where he could have helped are left holding the bag.

      Is the "girl" a victim?  She put herself in this position (pardon the pun).  But she also has family too. 

      As taxpayers, we’re also the victims, since it’s YOUR tax dollars that will go to prosecute his crimes.  He broke laws not just involving prostitution.  As governnor, he should be setting an example of good behavior & character.

      Say what you may, but there are NO victimless crimes.  As far as legalizing it & taxing it…if the government can’t figure out how to do a national sales tax on internet sales, how are they going to tax prostitution?

      Keep it stigmatized.  Keep it illegal.  The whole mess is degrading to women as well as society as a whole.

      As far as internet porn goes, I have seen too many good people & good marriages be torn apart by that crap.  Myself included.

      There are always victims to bad behavior.

    • Guest

      Many, many women, girls and boys involved in prostitution are being held against their will: they have been kidnapped from other countries and forced into the situation. The are not the "happy hookers" so many people would like to believe are at the heart of the oldest profession. They are helpless victims, and the fact theat many of them are often children is what is most disgusting.

    • Guest

      Tell Governor Spitzer’s daughters that this is a victimless crime. Many families suffer when a spouse indulges in prostitution. Often the "Johns" are listed in local newspapers from the latest sting by police. Also, statistics show that many prostitutes have been sexually abused during their childhoods, and equate selfworth with using their bodies for sex. Then there are the "Johns". Have you ever researched sexual addiction? Many "Johns" seek out prostitutes in an addictive downward spiral that eventually cost them jobs, families, social standing, and shame. Often, there are victims involved.

      • http://www.boundnotgagged.com existentialhedonist

        To name the families as victims of this "crime" of adult consensual sex is to forget that these same people are "victims" in adultery when no money is exchanged. Your flawed logic would suggest that all adultery be deemed a crime. Or any sex that someone who wasn’t involved was hurt by or bothered by.

        Adult consensual sex should be completely decriminalized. Go after real harms like rape, slavery, and murder.

        While the feds were expending resources on investigating and wiretapping Emperor’s Club, some poor soldier- someone’s son, brother, husband, father- was killed by shrapnel in Iraq because his armor wasn’t thick enough, or some poor veteran can’t get the medical attention he needs from the country that sent him to war. Those funds can be far better-spent than on harassing women and men who are engaging in activities which would be perfectly legal were there no money exchanging hands.

    • http://sexworkexplored.mypodcast.com Callie Simms

      Sakara -

      I agree that prostitution, aka "providing" is a victimless crime. I worked in the industry for three years and have always cringed when online mediums – TV or the Internet – make out the women as damaged deliquents. There are  a suprising amount of us that are college educated and work very hard and use this as a stepping stone to the next part of our life. I know design adult sites, whether agency, escorts or pay site for porn stars. I have used my marketing degree and adult entertainment background to do this. And I use every SEO idea I read here and other places, mix it up a bit to be relevant to the content and watch my sites do very well among the rankings. The one thing I must say about adult marketing is that we are not affraid to even try new things regarding SEO and affiliate marketing of our sites, it usually pays off in lucrative dollars.



  • Guest



    Flirt4free.com and Livejasmin.com with its Live chatts have also much of the prostitusionbranch in their hands.The studios where the "models"are, is mostly runned by criminal groups in Russia,Bulgaria ,slovakia, czechia and Colombia,but are often located in another country.

    At Flirt4free (wich shows the same models as a number of other adresses, at the same time)they first advertise that guests can chatt free of charge, in their "open chatt".When the "guests"(called Freeusers,who in the chatt have grey color of their text)are in the chatt,other models, pretending to be "registered members and have white and Gold text when they write, tryes to "force the guest" to register for "private chatt"(wich is looking at the "model" waking off or using dildoes).Their retoric is very sofisticated, with a number of psychological aproaches.

    One person,usually calling himself: Principal, but he have a number of nicknames, leads the "work on the victims" to force them to register,with creditcardnumber etc.

    In PVT(Private chatt=sexshows) the newly fooled member often are suggested to escort or even directly to suggestion on sexual services or totally fooled for "friendship".It is a friendship, where the member have to pay for: mothers operations,medical treatment,costs for university studies or even clothes, where the "model" are playing on the victims feelings for him.Its a sofisticated branch and the actors are well trained. 

    This is the most dubiouse part of the sexbranch online ,as it sells worthless "cyber-friendships" with so much lies that the victims rarely report it,to the lawenforcements,like Interpol.

    However,Interpol IS present on Flirt4free.So is FBI,russian FSB and czech law,observing and documenting.Their aim is to disclose the "forcing actors"(like Principal,mke,–:,@,Pavlik and other nicks of wich some of them belongs to one and the same person)and those models who goes in to a trap ,where the member is belonging to any of mentioned lawenforcements.

    The location of most studios, are wellknown to the law.So is the actors behind the studios.They are often involwed in other illegal activities, both online and outside the net, like Narcotics,sextraffiking,variouse types of prostitusions and selling of stole property.Some "models" are restrained and forced for these activities but still there are independent models as well.

    How do i know this?Well, im working for Interpol myself on flirt4free.Stolen identities and bankaccounts that are looted are also common.The victims feel so much shame that they often dont report it.But some does.

  • William Mann

    Too much money spent by mr. Spitzer on those call girls, I did what you said in Google and found places where you`d spent that in a full all inclusive weekend ( Charlisangels escorts resort ).  Why pay $4000 for a few hours when there`s so many other choices, usually safer? my advice to all men:


    There`s places in the island of DR where there`s no snooping by feds, because it`s not within USA boundaries. Sorry for Eliot, this advice is a bit too late.

  • http://www.jacksononthemoon.com jackson on the Moon

    Nothing about this article is surprising, except the comment, " Did you know that some of these sites offer senior citizen discounts? Ew. "

    Well, you thirty-somethng ageist idiot, the actual truth is that prostitution is everywhere. People that want sex are everywhere and every age. One day, you too will be in your so called "senior years," and I sincerely wish that your little "Ew" of judgement will  haunt you for the rest of your life.

    Sex is ephemeral, the internet is forever.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I’m not an ageist. I think older people should have to pay the same for prostitutes as everybody else.

      Actually, I have no opinion on the matter. As for “ew.” Sorry if you were offended. It’s not that old people have sex, it’s the shock that these places are run like any other business: daytime discounts, sr. citizen discounts…i found out that in australia, where it’s legal, they have free giveaways.

      All of that just seems kind of icky. But I do hope I’m still, ahem, “loveable” in the words of the Beattles, “when I’m 64.”

      Which Paul McCartney is, I believe, and probably still…well…never mind.

      As for your sincere wish, I think that was kind of extreme, and I’m happy to inform you that past this conversation nothing will haunt me. Your judgment came swifter than mine.

      Sometimes, as is the case with Spitzer, it’s often the guy yelling the loudest about something. Or as we used to say in grade school: The smeller’s the feller.

      But above all I guess, we learn that sense of humor is not universal.

  • Well I’ll be damned.

    Listen  Jason kid, I might be 70 years old but by god my fists are pretty active.   Jason, have you ever had a good ole country ass whooping?  Maybe that’s what we was needing out of you son.  Don’t mess with us old folks:  See this:




    • Jason Lee Miller

      heard of one? I’ve had one. Growing up in Eastern Kentucky didn’t give me much of a choice…I’ve given a couple too, though.

      But I’ll be restraining my inner-hillbilly as long as possible.

      As for fighting old men? Nope. I saw the new Rocky. The punch is the last thing to go, right?

      Besides, you’ll have to catch me first. :-)

  • Guest

    Way to go stupid! Your article leads the lonely sheep right to the edge of the cliff. Who are the real whores, who sellout propriety for prosperity, Go ahead join the nit wit pundits, beat this dead horse.

    Better yet use your God given sense. speak of solutions. I know the problems already.

  • http://www.missionbeachsouth.com Tammy Elaine

    Good Lord, write a post to provide information for people and all they want to do is tear you apart, Miss English 101.  Don’t you have anything better to do?  I enjoyed the article and DID see "the SEO connection" for the person who asked what it had to do with it.  (And it wasn’t a stretch!)  I worry constantly abt my site content as far as Google is concerned and yet they accept sponsored ads from sites advertising illegal activities?  That was the shocking part for me.  People, whether an action is morally right or wrong is between people and God but the Law is not subject to those judgements, only the law.  (And prostitution is illegal regardless of how long it has been around, etc.)  He participated in an illegal activity and as one in a position of proscecuting those who have broken the law he should be held to the highest of standards.  He should be proscecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  The end on that one for me.  Back to the point of the article…SEO.  I am not shocked that Google has already covered it’s tracks on this one and I am sure they wasted no time in alerting their legal team to CYA.  Thanks for the article and as someone who also makes typo errors, no biggie there.  Some of these people really are anal and unfortunately missed the entire point you were attempting to make.  Too bad.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      It’s good to see there are some level heads out there.


    • http://www.NewSunSEO.com NewSunSEO

      Umm…yeah some of these people completely missed the point to this post…which is of course SEO. I don’t understand why Google accepts sponsored ads from sites advertising illegal activities either. Doesn’t make much sense to me….actually it does – MONEY ! (Didn’t know that call girls were reading up on optimizing their site either.)

  • http://www.nvo.com/stanmorgan Guest

    The hype concerning Governor Spitzer is understandable given it is recent news that concerns a high political person. However, this is not surprising in the sense that power and sex are correlated. That is people in power tend to have higher sex drives. Freud associated the sex drive with Eros the God of Love, as in Greek myths that provides an unconscious drive. Jung proposed that human psychology is concerned with unconscious archetypes, which influence us, so that the sex drive is associated with these archetypes that form complexes in consciousness.

    Thereby, those in political power have more difficulty in controlling their sex drive. For example how many times has Reverend Jimmy Swaggart apologized to his Louisiana District of the Assemblies of God, and his Bible College, as well as the public for his many encounters with prostitutes? His inability to control his behavior is evidence of his powerful sex drive, in this case associated with power over his congregation, and vast religious affiliations.

    Many other examples come to mind in both the religious, and political arenas that would require a treatise that sex and power are strongly correlated. Also, recall the truism, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


    • Justin

      It’s debatable whether Freud and Jung and all of psychiatry are frauds. Have you ever seen a mental health doctor take a CAT scan of your brain? Where’s there evidence? Have they ever cured anyone? No. Only callahan field therapy, related to kinesthesiology, has ever cured anyone of a mental illness. You can have a greater sex drive by taking ginseng, zinc, damiana, or yohimbe bark.

      • Jason Lee Miller

        How about this for a suggestion (a suggestion because I’m not claiming it as truth):

        I saw on Discovery Channel a few years back researchers studying the brain via imaging and via the chemicals that were released. They concluded something kind of astonishing: creativity, sexuality, and spirituality all seemed to come from the same area of the brain…or that while one of these three things were active, the same
        area of the brain lit up.

        That little bit of information just blew my mind. It makes me wonder then, if the three are connected in a such a way that if there is a perceived abundance of one, there might be a perceived abundance of the others. This could explain a few dastardly ministers in recent history, or why actresses seem a little freer than others…though that is all pure conjecture…

        It could be, perhaps has to be, something very evolutionary or something very interestingly designed, if you believe that sort of thing…

        The power and sex relationship is also interesting…but that may be that with power, all things are in reach…worse, power entitles us (humans) to all things within reach…ministers have a certain amount of power, too…

        I’m riffing here, so please don’t take anything I say as absolute, but something else occurs to me. At a cattle auction once, I watched as nervous cows succumbed to nervous humping, kind of a “this is it” kind of thing…that’s probably my interpretation…but I wonder if when under extreme stress, like the types of stress those in leadership are under, if they view sex as an outlet, a way to control surroundings that are out of control, and as a way to justify their command of those surroundings.

        All that, and my conspiratorial side doesn’t buy it that the feds targeted Spitzer by accident. Of all the dirty politicians and all the call-girls around Washington, why Spitzer? Probably b/c he was gumming up the works with all that justice…

        But you didn’t hear that from me. :-) And I can’t prove a word of it. Just riffing, like I said.

        Update 10:17 PM Funny I said that there at the end…read this before something mysterious and tragic happens to this guy:


        Maybe there’s more to this than the press is letting us know

  • Guest

    I am an internet prostitute. Not one of the "fancy" ones like the govenor had, but a lower priced model working on Craigslist.

    Internet prostitution exists in every city or town, in every price range, involving women to suit any taste. You can find escorts offering services for $50 all the way up to $15,000. The vast magority are in the range of $125 to $400….. at least here in CA anyway.

    We use the internet as an alternative to walking the streets or turning over a huge percentage of our earnings to agencies and pimps. For the most part, it is safe. Every once in a while you hear of a girl getting hurt by a john, but not very often. A threat that is much more real is that of a pimp posing as a customer, making an appointment, then coming to rob and rape you. So most of us working girls (the smart ones anyway) refuse to see black guys….. seeing that this is the most reliable way of avoiding pimps. And yes, it works. Maybe we are losing out on the "good" black guys out there, but with such a disproportionate ratio of good vs bad, it’s an acceptable loss.

    Most girls are ‘condom only’ providers. We understand that HIV is a very real threat and we don’t want to get it. There are some girls that will provide a BBBJ (bare back BJ), but most would rather not take the chance. My theory is that if a girl is willing to take risks with HIV, either she doesn’t know, she doesn’t care, or she ALREADY HAS IT. And yes, there are girls who are HIV positive and still working. I know of only one, but there are many many more.

    No girl grows up thinking she wants to be a prostitute. We end up here because we have no other (viable) way to earn a living. We have no education and no skills…. so what else are we going to do? We use our bodies instead of our minds. We all have secondary reasons as well. Some girls have kids to support, some have drug addictions, some are co-dependant on an abusive boyfriend. But NO girl does this because she likes it.

    The guys that come to see us range from total woman-hating jerks to very shy and socially immature. The vast majority are just decent guys (I say decent….. not "good") who are either married unhappily or are just plain horny. A few of the gentlemen are true angels and end up pulling their favorate woman out of the business entirely….. but of course no girl should depend on that! 

    We often start out as strippers, then for some reason (like drugs or age), progress to prostitution. There are also a lot of immigrants (Asian, Russian and Mexican) who VOLUNTARILY work as prostitutes (the whole "white slavery" thing is a lie made up by fanatic christians out to save the world) in order to live a better life. Not all prostitues are created equal. many are not real prostitues at all, but are theives who just steal the money from their johns and then leave them hanging. If you choose to dabble, you should know where you are going.

    There is much much more to say about internet prostitution, but I could go on and on. In closing, I may be a prostitute…. but judge not lest ye be judged. Just as you are more than your job, I too am more than mine.

    • Really…

      Whatta hell?  Am I at webpronews or at Mary’s in downtown Portland?  

      Jason, whatta hell you boy started here?  What does this has to do with them hard drives, google, microsoft, and 0s and 1s son?  You running for NY governor? LOL!  Jason for governator!  Hat and everything.

    • http://www.google.com Nobody Special

      Ma’am, you say that internet prostitutes like you go into prostitution because there is no other way for you to make money…

      Yet in order to have this kind of business advertised and marketed online you must have sone knowledge of.. online advertising and marketing.

      Which means that you could work for any number of companies that has products or services you could sell as an independent contractor. I.e. Affiliate marketing.

      However, it should be noted that despite all the website/advertising/SEM/SEO skills these folks seem to have, they make a decision to NOT go into any other field.

      Methinks the tax free money is to good for you to give up in order to switch careers. Am I hitting the nail on the head here? Or am I far off the mark?

  • Guest

    In another way it gets back to a time when other TLDs (Top Level Domain) were debated to filter types of domains. The argument stemmed mostly around decency on the net.


    I don’t know of any example but like having a phone number close to that of a whore house, or living next door to one. I expect some domain names and sites when queried in the SEO fashion might have a slightly different result than what was intended.


    In a competitive market one could collude and mimic a web site (affiliate)to closely resemble  your competitors "goods" and sink them like a whore on steroids.

  • IngridNevin

    Internet gave the power to independents to present themselves in any manner they see fit, advertise, screen clients and have complete control over what they are doing. I seriously doubt that escorts of pre-internet era had similar options and most likely had to rely on agencies.

    With agencies or a strict referral system, a woman had a much more limited exposure to potential clients reducing her choices. Now, she can pick and choose if she wants to. The ease of transitioning in and out of sex work has also increased – unlike one of the previous posters, most women I know are educated, ambitious and pursue day-time careers, using sex work as a side only. If you post photos with a cropped out face and don’t share much personal info on the site, chances that somebody in your other life may recognize you are minimal. I don’t know if this result could be accomplished without open advertising and search engine optimization

    It also gave us voice. There is a number of sex work rights organizations, blogs and places for intelligent and educational commentary. A tool to fight for social change and acceptance, a way to organize and communicate. And that, I suppose, may appear blatant to those with no familiarity with our world.

  • Les Yamamoto

    Let’s get one thing clear. I’m also hearing this among the cable talking heads and Internet fishwraps with regards to prostitution, legal or illegal in Nevada.

    Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas. It is ILLEGAL in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. Prostitution is also ILLEGAL in Reno, Lake Tahoe (NV side) and Carson City. It is ILLEGAL in Washoe County where these cities reside.

    Prostitution is LEGAL in Nevada where counties allow it.  Las Vegas, has made attempts by the city to curb street and massage parlor prostitution. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the casino consierge’s have their own stable of working girls available to the "whales" (high rollers) who want a little companionship.

    The counties that do allow legal prostitution are regulated by the county. Extensive background checks are conducted, you must have a working ID card from the county sheriff’s department to work inside of a legal brothel. If you have a felony conviction, you can’t work in a legal brothel. If you are under 18, you can’t work.

    Brothel owners pay a huge license fee to operate a legal brothel in that county and a portion of the profits are paid back to the county. The legal prostitution trade operates in buildings zoned by the county. The Ladies in these counties aren’t working the street. They work in the house.

    The Ladies have to pass a medical clearance before they can work in the house. The customer’s also have to pass what is called a DC (d*ck inspection) and latex condoms must be worn. No exceptions. By Nevada law, transactions cannot be conducted over the phone or Internet (email). Face to face in the houses only.

    For the past 4 years, my friend, Gary and I have been operating nevadabrotheltimes.com, a e-zine-messageboard-website promoting Legal Prostitution in Nevada, commonly referred to as LPIN. This is where people can get the straight answers to legal prostitiution in Nevada and not the straight scoop that you see on HBO’s Cat House. We are not afilliated with any legal house and you won’t find any mindless banter on our site either. It’s free to read and if you wish to post, you need to register which is also free. According to Netcraft, we’re in the Top 50k websites.

    I’ve been operating my own adult website, separate from NevadaBrothelTimesand despite efforts from the Federal government to curtail the adult entertainment industry, we just stay one step ahead of the game. If there’s a new law, we’ll find a way around it. Many wholesale sites have attorneys available to consult with (for a fee) who specialize in adult entertainment.

    Prostitution is regarded as the world’s oldest profession and sites that offer adult entertainment or sex will always be here. It’s a comodity of supply and demand. I find it entertaining and ironic that the anti-sex squares go off on a rant, yet who gets "what" caught in the nookie jar.

    • http://www.healthypleasures.com Dani Fawn

      SAFE SEX is what it’s all about!
      I do marketing and promotions for Sheri’s Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, Nevada about 50 minutes outside of Las Vegas where prostitution is legal. www.sherisranch.net.

      This is one of the most “world known” brothels in the U.S. and proud to say that their has not been any cases of HIV in the history of the brothel. Small STD’s are bound to be transmitted even with the safest sex, yet curable, but the brothels pride themselves on their strict cleanliness and safety measures. Besides, wouldn’t we all rather have a grade-A-certified lay than something that’s been laying out and getting a little old?

      By the way, the Nevada Brothel Times is a fantastic website and they have the best information and posts about everything you need to know about Prostitution.

      Too bad that we just can’t get legal Brothels to be approved closer to Las Vegas. Maybe someday I’ll have my way and get my designer brothel Hotel approved…”Stairway to Heaven” Come on, we know we all want it!

      Thanks for reading, and check out my blog on the subject too: http:www/sinafterdark@wordpress.com.

  • http://www.monkeezemarketing.blogspot.com Marvin

    The oldest profession and the newest technology, who could have seen that coming – pun intended. 

    Irrespective of your views on the morality of prostitution it certainly should be clear to anyone that’s paying attention that this is one "practice" which simply isn’t going away. 

    It’s an old argument but one that needs to be made.  While every effort has been and is still being made to prevent it, somehow none of those efforts seem to work.  The fact that every few years there’s another prostitution scandal involving public officials or celebrities simply points to that fact.

    I don’t endorse the practice and would never condone it.  I have three adult children, two daughters and a son as well as five grandkids, including three grand daughters.  If any of them chose to become "sex workers" it would give me tremendous concern. 

    Having said that I would still love them and care for them without being judgemental or morally repulsed.  It is often said that love conquers all, and in this case as with all others, it’s my feeling that love and understanding which is required not condemation.

    Christian values are often held out as being the guide by which we navigate such difficult moral issues.  It was after all Jesus who is quoted as saying "let he who are without sin cast the first stone". 

    Perhaps it is time to put down the stones and find another way.    

    • http://www.imustard.com Arthur

      Marvin – I couldn’t have put it better myself. Just wanted to chime a chord with you there. I’m in my early thirties by the way, and have a 7 year-old daughter.

      I personally am not surprised at all that SEO/SEM has reached this industry as it has always been good at ‘marketing’ itself in varying degrees of subtlety. You don’t even need to do ‘research’ to find these references, either, which is perhaps more concerning. Since I don’t choose to record all these instances I cannot quote one now, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has typed an innocent search phrase and come up with some fairly saucy results!

      At the end of the day it’s (mostly) a free world which means the sex trade can make themselves known to people looking for them in the same way as any other trade can. I’m also sure there are some SEO pros who are delighted to specialise in this area…

  • Guest

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  • http://dimemp3.com Elton

    Call girls ain’t worst things you can find via google, how bout homemade explosives?

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