So Much Goodness At Gnomedex

    June 6, 2005

Scoble lists all the goodness going on at Gnomedex in late June. Lets play “bold-faced names” with who’s there…

Besides Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble, there’s Chris Pirillo, who’s running Gnomedex and podcasting celebrity Adam Curry. Not to be outdone, Dave Winer, the father of RSS who’s had a public fued with Adam, will be keynoting. Also coming is Marc Canter, who set me up with Marqui and co-founded Macromedia, as well as J.D. Lasica, co-founder of Ourmedia. Dan Gillmor, respected citizen journalist, will be there, in addition to WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg and Kathy Gill, teacher at the University of Washington, Eric Rice from Engadget, Asa Dotzler from Firefox, Phillip Torrone (who Scoble calls “the world’s top geek”), Julie Leung and Denise Howell. And don’t forget PR guru Steve Rubel, WeatherBug founder Chris Sloop, Bloglines’ Mark Fletcher, and John Battelle, who’s an expert on too many things for a single job description. Oh, and good old Steve Gillmor, whose cat made for fun background music in one of his podcasts (I assume it was his cat, but it certainly was a cat).

Damn. I wish I were going. Anyone have a plane ticket lying around?

Mostly off-topic, but can anyone recommend some podcasts that might appeal to me? I’ve found a few decent ones (like Steve’s) but the vast majority are stinkers where some moron rants into a microphone for twenty minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought the cat was a great touch.

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