Small Business: Entrepreneurs Lead The Way

    August 5, 2005

When you think about it, small business entrepreneurs hire themselves. Now that’s efficient job creation. I’d like to see some convoluted government make work project match that one.

Small business is the backbone of the economy.

Small businesses hire the vast majority of new employees.

As entrepreneurs, and mainly we are also bloggers, it’s up to us to support the economy of our countries. Talk about a burden to bear. Fortunately, it’s a pleasant one that most of us wouldn’t trade away for anything.

As my readers already know, I’m a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, starting your own business, being your own boss, and all of the other buzzwords and phrases that are appropriate to the topic. As small business owners, and your blog is a small business as well, it’s up to us to provide leaders to the community.

Like your community, for instance.

Local Chambers of Commerce, small business organizations, marketing and professional groups, charities and other non-profit organizations, and many more, all require your leadership skills. Who better than you to lead the way for your town, city, or local neighbourhood.

All of these great community based organizations are seeking talented individuals like yourself. Whether you volunteer for policy and management committees, for fund raising, or any other need that may arise, your leadership skills, your drive, and ability to get results will serve the organization and its membership well.

For yourself, the opportunities for networking, gaining potential new clients and customers, a much higher profile for you and your company, as well as the chance to meet many new and interesting people are only a few of the more tangible benefits. The sense of satisfaction at accomplishing something worthwhile for others, and for the community, is beyond value, and is perhaps the greatest reward of all.

No one says you have to run for political office; but I certainly wouldn’t discourage you from doing so. After all, they could sure use your abundant talents.

Small business people like you understand how to balance budgets, how to lead and motivate prople, and have many wonderful ideas, and don’t forget the vision thing. The wearing of many hats, shoes, and every other sartorial metaphor, has already set you apart.

It’s time for you to take a leadership role in your own community.

Lead the way in your own city as you already show the path to success in your own independent business.

Take action toward that goal today.


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