Sending Gmail To Your Mobile Phone

    March 25, 2005

Did you know you can have Gmail forward your new mail to your mobile phone? It’s very simple, and takes just minutes to set up. Don’t want all your email sent? Apply a filter to what you send.

To get started, go to your Google Settings page and click on Forwarding and Pop. Here you tell Google where to forward your email. The normal use of this field is to forward email to another email address.

Well, each phone capable of text-messaging actually has an “email address” to which you can send a message. It is the 10digitphonenumber@service-provider-text-messaging-domain. Each service provider has it’s own domain name for this. For example, Verizon’s is So, you’d set your forwarding to, as in this screen capture:

You can filter your email before it is sent. You can filter out mail, or filter in mail. Click on the Filter link to build what you need. It’s pretty easy to follow.

This forwarding is probably not something you would want to use all the time, unless you get very little email, but I could see where it would be good for special situations. You could turn it on when you go away from your computer for an extended period are don’t want to miss an email. You could set it up to deliver mail from just family or certain friends. Or, as I was just thinking as I was writing this, I could set it to deliver only stock buy/sell alerts all the time, to make sure I don’t miss anything important.

As you were reading this, you probably already realized that you can do this with any email program that allows forwarding.

Here is a list of the text messaging addresses for common US wireless providers:

Virgin Mobile:
Alltel: OR

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