Self-Service And Online Banking

    July 2, 2007

Over 75 percent of U.S. and Canadian consumers polled said they were more likely to do business with organizations that offered self-service, according to a study from BuzzBack Market Research for NCR.

Nine in 10 said it would be valuable to combine mobile devices with the Internet and self-service kiosks or ATMs.

ATMs and kiosks come with a variety of features including Internet enabled models and ticket-printing multifunctional banking machines. Similar devices have other uses such as checking in at an airport or renewing a driver’s license and avoiding lines.

 The study found that there are some areas where consumers would want to do their business in person, such as banking. Close to three-quarters of respondents said they would favor speaking to someone for investment advice or mortgage advice in person.

Bill Nuti of NCR said, "Proper deployment of self-service will allow business to focus personal assistance where consumers find it most valuable."

Transactions made at bank branches cost more to perform than those made remotely using ATMs, phone banking and online banking. Some backs have been pushing for less profitable accounts to use remote channels more frequently.

eMarketer Senior Analyst Lisa Phillips said, "Bricks-and-clicks are still the right mix, although more and more banking will be done online as the boomer population ages into its 70s in the next decade."