Searching Facebook Apps with Clever Hippo

    October 1, 2007

Clever Hippo is a search engine for Facebook Apps. Their mission is to make it easier for Facebook users to find cool applications.

Clever Hippo 

You are probably wondering, "Why not just use Facebook’s Application Search?"

Here are several compelling reasons to use Clever Hippo:

Quality Full-Text Search

The hippo performs a crawl of the Facebook application directory, indexing and prioritizing all relevant application meta-data. This process yields a richer data set than a search that just includes the application summary.

Refine Your Results

  • Sort by Daily Active Users
  • Sort by Percent Active
  • Sort by Most Recent Apps
  • Get Specific – narrow results by using advanced search techniques such as OR, NOT, wild-card, or boost queries
  • Screenshots – the application’s screenshot is available on the search result page for quick viewing

Search Metrics

See what search terms are popular – Clever Hippo aggregates search queries hourly and provides a ranking of the most popular search terms.

Terms are search-able and broken down into time slices – last hour, day, week, month, and all-time. We hope the search metrics feature will be especially interesting to App developers looking to develop what the community is craving.

Clever Hippo