Search Engine Strategies 2005 San Jose

    August 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Why go to San Jose in August? A chance to learn about the latest and greatest ways to benefit from the potential offered by search engines, that’s why.

Several tracks will be offered at this year’s Search Engine Strategies 2005 conference in San Jose. For those just entering the world of e-commerce, a Fundamentals Track will touch on an Introduction to Search Marketing, along with other topics like Buying Search Engine Advertising and Successful Site Architecture.

The Advertising track should be of interest to online retailers facing the upcoming holiday season. One session will walk advertisers through Creating Compelling Ads, while a later session on Landing Page Testing & Tuning tells them what to do with the customer once they’ve clicked through that ad.

Blogs have become so much of a phenomenon, companies like Factiva and Umbria Communications offer products and services specifically focused on delving the blogosphere for advanced marketing intelligence.

What do blogs and news mean to advertisers operating in the search engine medium? The News, PR, and Blogs track will hit on that over several sessions. Presenters will discuss how search engines handle blogs in their listings.

WebProNews will have two of its finest search engine reporters, Chris and Mike, in attendance at SES 2005. Be sure to keep up with WebProNews and discuss the breaking topics from the conference in the WebProWorld forums next week.

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