Scientists Ponder Galactic Internet

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If you believe aliens are using special types of stars to create a galactic internet and transfer data at about 180 bits per year then I have TONS of stuff I’d like you to consider for exclusive purchases: an invisible suit; a magic rock; a stick that will heal you.

Regardless, some very smart researchers are looking into that possibility and think it could be done cheaply, finished within a couple of months, just to check if aliens have left us any messages. The idea is based on a specific kind of star called a Cepheid variable star. Save all the technical mumbo jumbo, which Nature.com nearly eradicates from its report, these are stars that have cycles of varying light emission.

The reason they are like this leads to the possibility, John Learned of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu suggests, that an intelligent being could fire a “high energy neutrino beam” (those are Dr. Evil quotation marks) at a star and manipulate the star’s light cycle.

Similar to zapping a heart with electricity to make it skip a beat, Learned says the pulses could be used to encode data and form a type of “galactic Internet.” A star with a one-day light cycle would be able to transmit at 180 bits per year, assuming whichever hypothetical extraterrestrial race sophisticated enough to fire high energy neutrino beams at stars to make them talk hadn’t already discovered radio towers, which transmit more information over the same distance. They probably just use it for alien porn anyway.

Still, you can bet Google’s heard about this and already has started brainstorming about how to deliver text ads to it.

Meanwhile, the smartest men on our planet fired up the Large Hadron Collider Wednesday, and so far so good. We’re all still here. Then again, they haven’t actually smashed any atoms against each other yet. On the positive side, they had to set up an Internet much more powerful than the one we have now just so they could do the math required in the off chance they don’t kill us all. My guess is that the new Internet, while not a galactic one, is likely faster than 180 bits per year.

It’s a great time to be alive, eh? Well, if you can ignore everything else in the world, it is.

Scientists Ponder Galactic Internet
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  • http://www.surfthetetons.com Jackson Hole Community

    It is a great time to be alive. Even in light of all the wacky and disturbing chaos!

  • http://www.reinersailer.de Reiner

    you know, time is relative, maybe we are just a sim in an intelligent brain. For our universe i hope so. Or maybe we are only a bad joke?

  • http://www.sflorg.com Heidi-Ann Kennedy

    Frankly this is just another attempt to spend government money on a wasted long shot.

    I assure you that if an intelligent life form wants to communicate with us, they will do so. Yes I do believe there is extraterrestrial life, yet why always assume they are more advance, this is a little presumptuous. Those that are though, will also either look for ones as advance, or will use methods that a less intelligence life (as the republican party for an example) could detect.

    Now as far as Google, I am sure this imperialistic force is on top of it, beside Google is about world domination in communication, so why stop there.

    Heidi-Ann Kennedy


    Scientific Frontline

  • Guest

    this is actually kind of interesting, aside from snarky comments and all

  • http://wehner.org Charles Douglas Wehner

    It is the "silly season". There is a shortage of real news.

    The aliens are already here – look in the White House. Heidi-Ann Kennedy is right. They are not more intelligent.

    180 bits per year is a bit frenetic for such aliens. I would suggest 180 bits per aeon, to allow the President time to contemplate the message.

    Charles Douglas Wehner




  • Alex

    With all we are facing on a daily worldwide basis these day’s, you would think our scientists could put their minds to more practical tasks.

    The creation of a galactic internet would be best left in the hands of one of our ten year olds.at least then we would have something workable and worth pursuing.

    Besides, if there are aliens out there and if they are intellegent, then they would definately be wise enough to stay the hell away from us.

  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Universal_Life_Church_A_Church_Of_Religious_Freedoms/ Reverand Katie Conner

    They have to know that humans aren’t smart enough to figure out how to respond back. They wouldn’t be trying to contact us through such a complex way, accept in hopes that one day we will become smart enough to respond if we don’t blow ourselves to hades first., or massivley destroy the populous with biochemicle warfare.

    Really, we are way to young for the big boys to want to play with. That would be like a teenager wanting to play with a kindergartener. The only reason teenagers play with the little kids is to protect the younger sibbling or get him/her into trouble in their stead.

    If we do find a message in the stars it will most likely be Darus asking Various if she wants to go intergalactic steady, and dump Jetson. rflol

    • http://www.index-online-casino.com/ index

      The researchers admit the civilization attempting this would have to be highly advanced. But if some civilization has in fact created a message and sent it via the Cepheid Galactic Internet, all we have do to is open our inbox.

  • http://www.teapittsburgh.com www.teapittsburgh.com

    Would someone please help me send an ad for my store by this method. Just my website URL would be enough. At 180 bits per year, how long would it take? What character compression should be used. How long should I own my domain name? It might be 10,000 years before I get any hits. My web site is Spam Alert… Spam Alert… Spam Alert… You can reach me at Spam alert… Spam Alert… Spam Alert… Our store sells Spam Alert… Spam Alert… Spam Alert…

    • http://www.teapittsburgh.com www.teapittsburgh.com

      PLEASE NOTE: This is not spam, it was manually sent by an individual their sole purpose being to introduce themselves to you with no obligation on your part, your email address was not used and it has not been added to any list. Consider this to be a polite way to contact you and apologise sincerely if you have been inconvenienced in any way.  Whilst this may be the only contact you will receive, and I again confirm you are not on a list of any kind, I am legally obliged to offer an ‘opt-out’ from future contact. If you should wish to exercise this right, please reply with “opt-out” in your reply.

  • http://www.masenka.be Guest

    I hope they don’t blow up the stars with all those nutrinos…

    And imagine playing World of Warcraft on that connection 😉

  • aniak

    We want no communication with humans!

  • http://hadimony.blogspot.com/ hadimony

    Yes I do believe there is extraterrestrial life, yet why always assume they are more advance, this is a little presumptuous.

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