Save Your Copy From A Rewrite

By: WebProNews Staff - June 5, 2008

One search industry professional considers rewriting copy a last resort, a step that should be undertaken after other business-boosting efforts fail.

Change can be good, except for times when it isn’t. Some site publishers may want changes in the words they present to visitors, but it may be in their best interest to convince them to stay the course.

Karon Thackston at Marketing Words had some thoughts on the topic. In the context of a discussion with a client who continually asked for copy changes, Thackston recounted how keeping existing copy intact really was working for the client:

My question to her was always,

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  • seo web design firm

    Iteresting way to look at it, if business is good dont worry about the "copies" out there.. I think though that this is a short term approach, that in the long run will end up hurting.

  • Adam – Creare Web Design

    Yeah, there’s no need to update copy when a site’s performing well. Including an articles section on the page though is a good way of updating, adding new content keeping Google interested in the site.

  • Marketing Minefield

    I agree with this. Updating your copy for the sake of it is a waste of time in my opinion. However, to get round the problem of not having fresh content I’d always try adding in ‘featured articles’ or ‘new content’ section. But in terms of general website copy by all means make small adjustments here and there but the benefit of a complete overhaul is questionable, and could end up doing more harm than good.

  • Internet Marketing Chester UK

    This hits the nail bang on the head in my eyes… why change it if its working so well? why risk losing business? Internet marketing and SEO are about getting results and thats it. 😉

  • Evangeline Samuel

    This item was an eyeopener.  I learned all about SEO and how to keep up with keywords, but suddenly it hit me smack in the face, that I need to use my keywords as I describe my products! Thanks for a timely article.  Also about submitting articles to other places, rather than just in one place.