SATSA Provides Security Features for Java Applications

    December 17, 2004

Esmertec announced a collaboration with Gemplus International S.A., the world’s largest provider of smart card solutions, to integrate Gemplus’ SIM-based implementation of the SATSA standard, SIM2METM (SIM to Mobile Equipment), into Esmertec’s Jbed platform.

This will allow Esmertec to deliver J2ME solutions with higher levels of security to handset manufacturers.

SATSA (Security and Trust Services API) is a new standard providing additional security features to Java applications for secure mobile transactions, protected data exchange and content rights management. Moreover, it prevents malicious software from attacking the handset, offers secure personal identification and privacy protection for the end-user.

“We’re very excited about this collaboration with Gemplus, a leader in this field,” said Anne-Marie Larkin, Esmertec’s CTO. “Jbed handsets with SATSA will allow the deployment of a variety of new high-value services to enterprise and retail users, and maximize revenue by controlling access and distribution of premium content.”

Philippe Vallee, Executive Vice President of the Telecom Business Unit, Gemplus, said, “Gemplus sees in Esmertec a major player in bringing to market new, standardized, secured services, based on the implementation and deployment of SIM2ME. What we will see is a fully standardized and interoperable implementation for J2ME-based mobile phones that will bring a powerful combination of the best of two key elements – the handset and the (U)SIM card.”

Jbed with SIM2ME will be available for integration into handsets in early 2005.

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